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We’ve managed to get access to the Essen Motor Show for the press preview day on Friday, most likely this would allow us to take some photographs without too many people around, unfortunately this was not the case.

The press day was also a preview day, and apparently you could just buy a ticket too, probably more expensive than during the normal public days, but still a lot of people were walking around the halls on Friday, and surely not all of these were professional journalists.

Anyway, it was our first time at the show, and to be honest it wasn’t as impressive as we were led to believe, sure it is awesome with lots of high end customs being shown, but still in about four hours time we’ve seen the entire show … not something that happens to us during normal car shows, and what made things even worse : only four Raging Bulls in Essen.

We’re just kidding here, sure the Essen Motor Show is really impressive, you come eye to eye with some of the most highly tuned cars in the business, and you get a change to meet and greet the builders too, people from Brabus are there with some of these amazing Mercedes cars, but also a showcase on Ferrari was present (too bad it weren’t Lamborghinis, but maybe next year).

The Essen Motor Show also has some real life action, indoor drifting is very impressive, a bit loud and the exhaust fumes surely won’t be very good for your health, but you have to be there to experience it … at least once. Seeing a massive Audi V8 doing donuts is really awesome to be honest. And just in case you are looking for scale models, there an entire floor with spare parts and scale model vendors, as usual we’ve come home with a few additions to the collection, but still some nice bargains could be found in Essen this time.

Naturally we were looking for Lamborghini cars, and the first one we’ve encountered was the well known Hamann Murcielago finished in white with the black carbon fiber parts … and it was for sale actually for a special ‘show’ price of only 220,000 Euro, how’s that for a bargain.

In another hall we found a matt black Murcielago, actually matt wraps are a big hit in Europe these days, and many companies were showcasing their work in Essen, some of high end cars, others on smaller cars like the Mini, and what made it really nice, once you get tired of the color you can easily replace it with another one, or have the original shade back on, not cheap, but the effect surely is amazing nonetheless.

In one of the larger halls we came eye to eye with a very nice black Lamborghini Murcielago … edo LP710 Christian Audigier Limited Edition to be exact, a very impressive car in real life, especially with all the special paint and embroidery inside. With only 5 built in total, this was one rare car, and it drew a lot of attention during the show … or would that be the nice hostess that was posing next to it ?

In the basement we found our fourth Raging Bull, a white Gallardo Superleggera that was now riding on a more attention grabbing set of wheels, as it was finished in white we were naturally drawn to it, we all know that very few of the Gallardo Superleggera left Sant’Agata in this shade, which made it all the more interesting.

Essen Motor Show 2009 was a nice change to the Italian car event we normally frequent, it is amazing how much money people are willing to spend on a regular car to make it stand out of the crowd, I’m sure that many VW’s, Ford, Audi and similar makes that were on show would come to a total cost not far from a genuine Gallardo if you count all the customization installed.