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Naturally we’ve attended the 2010 edition of the Essen Motor Show in Germany, as one of the largest tuning events in Europe, the Essen Motor Show had a massive reputation to uphold, something that unfortunately had been slipping over the last few years … probably due to the economical and financial crisis that hit the automotive market rather heavily, and people will still buy a car naturally but personalizing with after market items would be postponed until things brighten up.

And it did, the 2010 edition of the Essen Motor Show was again massive and very interesting for all car minded people, something for all tastes was on display, and you could buy your new material there too or even get a new car as many stands offered some amazing cars for sale, among them various Lamborghini ranging from the early, classic 400 GT 2+2 over a stunning Miura and several Countach right up to the most awesome Murciélago LP640 models.

One of the halls contains mostly second hand cars that are available for sale, but naturally the most interesting halls were those holding a nice amount of Raging Bull, and contrary to last year, many of these Italian made beauties made the trip to Essen to be admired by the thousands of onlookers that would visit the show over the next days.

We were able to get press access to the show, so we could get some interesting shots of the most beautiful cars shown, like a black Lamborghini Countach with after market wheels … nothing too interesting you might say, but this was a turbo charged car that made nearly 750 PS resulting in a top speed of 330 Km/h according to the owner of the car. Who are we to doubt these specs ?

On the same stand we also found a stunning looking, blue Miura and an equally beautiful 400 GT 2+2, both for sale in case you are looking for such a rare car, further down the show halls we found the original Hamann Victory, this wide body tuning package based on the Lamborghini Gallardo was first finished in black, but later on Hamann decided to paint it in a light gray shade and put lots of decals on it, making it look like a fighter plane … you either love it or hate it I guess.

Two other Gallardo were located at the Essen Motor Show, a yellow one that could be rented for a spin on the Zandvoort circuit in the Netherlands while a black LP560-4 unit had a Taxi sign on the roof … if this was an actual taxi we highly doubt, but the idea was nice anyway.

After walking past lots of stands with both high end and low end tuning parts, light units, rims … and nice hostess aside the cars we found the stand for JB Design … and had to grasp some air honestly.

JB Design is specialized in high end, custom painted super cars, they actually have paints that cost thousands of Euros per liter, how about that ? But they do look special … however some people won’t really like the heavy modifications on these cars.

They showed their prized pearl metallic red Murciélago LP640 with carbon fiber body kit; full alcantara interior and chromed wheels, a similar car finished in a stunning dark blue metallic shade over a gray alcantara interior while a third Murciélago on their stand was actually a Belgian registered one. Finished in white over a black and gray alcantara interior and massive body kit … this latter one was for sale for a healthy 359,000 Euro.

But JB Design didn’t bring the last edition Lamborghini only, they also showed a very nice orange Diablo VT6.0 featuring a totally custom made interior, some chromed wheels and a clear carbon fiber rear wing.

The last Lamborghini on their stand was a very low mileage Countach 25th Anniversary finished in the classic red over tan shade, a Euro specs car that was offered for a mere 169,000 Euro, a nice price for such an icon in the history of Automobili Lamborghini SpA.

So this year the Essen Motor Show surely was worth the drive into Germany, we had a great time and spend too much money at the show, but that’s all part of the fun, we attend these events to have a great time and bring back some photographs to make you part of the show.