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This year I was able to visit the Essen Motor Show again, and I sure wasn’t disappointed, the number of Lamborghini on display was amazing, and I already hear about the first Lamborghini Aventador Roadster LB Works Limited to be unveiled, so that car alone was worth the 2-hour drive into Germany.

I arrived early at the show, right when the doors opened for the press/preview day on December 1, mostly that’s a good idea, but not this time … turned out the LB Works Aventador was covered up, only to be unveiled at 13:00 … but that did give me time to walk around the entire venue at ease, so I started taking in the large number of cars that were shown … as a Lamborghini fan I was especially interested in the Bulls, but as a car guy I can surely appreciate the other tuned cars at this show, some are real works of art on wheels.

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I also know that AUTOart usually has a stand at the Essen Motor Show, so I made sure to check them out early in the day, as they tend to offer handmade sample models for sale … and I was in luck, I managed to get hold of one of a very few 1/18 samples for the Lamborghini Centenario model in clear carbon fiber that will only come out next year.

Back to the real Lamborghini, in the first hall I visited, I found one of only three Lamborghini Huracan Pdlp610wb by Prior Design in the world, finished in a bright green body over a full white leather interior, this low and wide V10 set the scene for the rest of the day it seemed, as I found an LB Works Huracan a bit later boasting a truly wild wrap … very difficult to photograph, but very different at the same time, this specific Huracan came with the stunning Countach style rear wing from DMC.

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JB Cardesign showcased their flawless custom paint on two different Lamborghini Murcielago, the famous dark red metallic one and a special, silver-blueish metallic one, both with custom aero kit and totally bespoke interior … they also had a stunning Bianco Canopus Lamborghini Aventador hiding inside a VIP area, you all know how much I like this satin pearl metallic white on the Aventador, so I was happy finding one in Essen this year, in another hall I also found a copper metallic Aventador on custom wheels … honestly, she looked rather good in that shade too.

I saw two Lamborghini Gallardo during my visit, a yellow, early Gallardo Spyder that came with a subtle aero kit complete with rear wing in Superleggera style and a not so subtle decal on the side, next to this open top V10 they parked a bright orange Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera … even after all those years still a very nice looking car that has aged very well.

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Talking about ‘aged Lamborghini’ … how about a bright red Urraco P300 featuring a very nice, two-tone leather interior, truly a classic V8 these days … and she was parked next to a silver metallic Lamborghini Espada Series II … an early S2 as she still had the Series I knock-off wheels but did come with the newer dashboard … the interior showed a great, unrestored patina on the black leather seats.

Probably more affordable than any of the other Lamborghini at the Essen Motor Show were a pair of Lamborghini tractor, a 1964 2R model in the bright orange and blue livery listed for €34,500 while an older 1958 Lamborghinetta DL20 in dark red was offered for €33,500 … both from Klima Lounge, who didn’t bring any other Lamborghini to Essen this time.

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The number of Lamborghini Huracan was impressive this year, not only did I see two different wide body versions, from Prior Design and LB-Works, but there were also three different Huracan Performante at the show, one of them being a very dark blue Spyder version on gold wheels and H&R suspension, the other one was a stunning green metallic one on custom wheels … not sure if this one was a wrap, but I do tend to think it wasn’t a factory original paint.

There was also a satin black (probably Nero Nemesis) Lamborghini Huracan at the show on an absolutely amazing looking set of chrome wheels complete with an impressive aero kit, this V10 looked so sinister it was almost criminal not to photograph her from every angle …

On one stand I even saw a bright blue  Lamborghini Urus for sale, finished in Blu Eleos and riding on 22-inch Nath wheels over red brake calipers, complete with gloss black style kit and beautiful Q-Citura stitching on the inside … price was on demand … but if you have to ask. Now, in all honesty, this wouldn’t be my first choice for the color on a Urus if I would order one, but she did look really amazing nonetheless.

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Even Lamborghini Squadra Corse was present at the Essen Motor Show with a pair of their awesome race cars, the Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo Evo edition finished in the classic grey and a satin green Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo, the car to compete in the 2019 season … both great looking cars, totally different, but with a similar idea behind them.

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Onto the car I’ve been waiting to be unveiled since the morning … the nr 19/50 LB-Works Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Limited, finished in bright green metallic, lowered to the ground on the famous Airrex suspension and showcasing those bolted on wide fenders front and rear Wataru Kato has become famous for. Add that massive rear wing and deeply curved wheels and you end up with an amazing looking Lamborghini … perhaps not too everyone’s taste, but she surely drew a lot of attention at the show.