Essen Motor Show 2019

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The Essen Motor Show in Germany is regarded as one of the largest, indoor tuning shows in Europe, and the 2019 edition didn’t disappoint once again, between November 30 and December 8 over 360,000 visitors came mostly from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria, to admire a total of more than 500 exhibitors … tuning, detailing, parts, but also performance … all under one roof.

As usual, hall 1 and 2 are about cars for sale, and they gather models from different eras, some classic, some new, like the dark Lamborghini Urus that was available. Personally, I was expecting a lot more Urus to be present, but it turned out this would be the only one available for sale at the entire show … and I also missed Klima-Lounge at the show with their large collection of Lamborghini cars … as far as I remember, only this single Urus was for sale, the other Lamborghini at the 2019 Essen Motor Show were tuning samples.

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There was one other Urus at the show however, the brand new Prior Design PD-700 Widebody Aero kit was unveiled on November 29, 2019, together with Robert Geiss who commissioned this satin black brute for his Roberto Geissini fashion brand … especially the clear carbon fiber wheel arch extensions and that impressive engine cover stood out on this new creation from Prior Design.

Next to these two V8 Bulls, a total of 5 V10 Raging Bulls were on display at the show, starting with the bright blue Novitec Torado Huracan N-Largo, which at first glance might not look too different, but when you take a closer look you’ll notice this car is a lot wider than a regular Huracan, while retaining the original lines and beauty of this masterpiece from Sant’Agata. Remember when the first ‘spy shots’ of this car were published online, people were mistakingly thinking it was a factory official Performante model, and Novitec added an air intake on the engine cover years before Lamborghini will do the same with the new Huracan STO.

No less than three Huracan Performante were present too, two Coupe and one Spyder, all on custom wheels and probably lowered … the black one on massive, deep concave, gold wheels really looked amazing, but the most impressive Huracan at this year’s Essen Motor Show was without a doubt the extremely low … and wide, Liberty Walk version in a very special wrap.

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Let’s say it was a black Huracan, with the complete LB-Works Body kit, costing around $30,000 depending on which version you take, but that does not include the insanely wide wheels, nor the custom air-ride suspension to complete the look of this amazing car … like the one at the Essen Motor Show that was completely on the ground when at rest … this was as low as she could go for sure, add the custom DMC rear wing inspired by the legendary Countach, and you get a very special car indeed … but on this one, they went even further.

On the windshield of this LB-Works Huracan they added a decal ‘shoot me with flash’ … and that had everything to do with the wrap on this car, a very intriguing design with lots of colors … but the best part was … it’s a fluorescent wrap that comes out even better when you actually use the flash on your camera to photograph it … this specific wrap might not be to everyone’s liking, but it sure drew a lot of attention, so mission accomplished for the exhibitor.

On to the V12 powered Lamborghini at the show, first up a highly customized Murcielago, they listed it as a one-of-a-kind SV-R, and while it did show an SV engine cover, the rest of the aerodynamics looked aftermarket, the door panels weren’t carbon fiber and the window switches on the central console were the older ones, not the ones used for the Murcielago SV, I could be wrong here, but just about everything on this classic V12 was replaced or modified, both on the outside and on the inside … personally a silver leather upholstery isn’t really my thing, but it did look very unique … available for €199,700 if you’re interested.

Now what I did really like was the matt white Lamborghini Aventador SVJ that was shown by one of the exhibitors, it didn’t seem to have received any tuning, but a matt white SVJ with a black interior and all those carbon fiber parts on the exterior just looks good in my opinion, add the bronze finished Leirion wheels and you have a winner in my eyes, I love this spec.2019 essen motor show 12

There was a second Novitec Torado tuned Lamborghini this year, the bright green Aventador SVJ with the entire Torado aero kit installed … and an additional treat, a stunning exhaust system that actually added two more pipes at the rear. Remember when the Aventador came out in 2011 the car had four exhaust tips, all gathered inside a large, center cover, but still, four tips in total, the Aventador SV ditched the cover and came with four exhaust in the center, but then Lamborghini decided to lower this number, on the Aventador S the center exhaust showed three units, and on the SVJ they even went to two, albeit large, tips … but now you can order a custom exhaust with four tips to fit onto your Aventador SVJ.

Unfortunately, there will be no Essen Motor Show in 2020 due to the pandemic, but they will be back in 2021, and I for one can’t wait to visit this event once again.