1016 Industries Shameless Lifesize Urus HotWheels Is For The Bold

The perfect high-school reunion vehicle will proudly display your inner-child while flexing Lamborghini muscle.


1016 Industries, an American tuner known for its adventurous undertakings on various cars, has once again grabbed attention with its latest Hot Wheels-themed Lamborghini Urus creation. This particular build stands out because of the intriguing vinyl wrap that incorporates Hot Wheels logos and a patina look, reflecting a youthful spirit and playfulness.

The striking white wrap mixes with colorful graphics reminiscent of Hot Wheels’ creations, making the vehicle a head-turner. Coupled with the unique patina finish replicated on the OEM logo on the vehicle’s nose, the wrap completes an aggressive yet fun appearance.

Widebody Modification and other enhancements

But this special Urus isn’t just about looks. The modifications include a widebody kit that provides an intense stance. Front and rear additions, fatter side skirts, ultra-wide wheel arches, and an aftermarket hood come together for an aggressive design. The forged carbon fiber finish, as found on the wheel arch claddings, front spoiler, hood, and side skirts, enhances the overall design.

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the hot wheels-themed lamborghini urus gets a reworked front badge

The Forgiato wheels and presumed suspension drop make the Urus look super aggressive, and the reworked front badge adds authenticity to the patina look. The black accent between the taillights and the lip spoiler adds subtle touches that complement the overall aesthetics.

Unchanged Interior and Powertrain

Hot wheels-themed lamborghini urus
there are no changes made to the interior as well as the powertrain

While the exterior of this Urus is extraordinary, no details have been provided about the interior or any significant tweaks to the powertrain. It’s presumed that the cockpit carries over without significant changes, and the engine remains the stock twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8, developing up to 657 hp depending on the version.

West Coast Customs, known for its exquisite customizations, has been indicated as the shop behind this build, adding credibility to the level of craftsmanship involved.

A Glimpse into the Future

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west coast custom worked on the custom wrap for the urus

With the Urus getting a bit older, new versions are on the horizon, including an imminent electrified model expected next year. While speculation surrounds the exact specifications of the hybrid, it’s anticipated that the total output might reach somewhere close to 700 or even 800 hp.

The continual success of Lamborghini, which recorded another record sales streak in the first half of this year, ensures that there will be plenty of potential buyers for these extravagant kits.

This Hot Wheels-themed Lamborghini Urus by 1016 Industries is an exhilarating blend of youthful fun and aggressive design. It’s a testament to the imaginative creations the world of automotive customization can produce. While some may find it a tad distasteful, there’s no denying that it’s an artistic expression that resonates with the child in every grown-up car enthusiast.


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