Fab Design Will Show Aventador Spidron

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We’ve heard about FAB Design preparing an elaborate aerodynamic package for the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 back in the summer of 2013, but other than two very low resolution pencil drawings nothing much was available about it … until today.

We’ve received confirmation that the FAB Design Aventador Spidron will be on display at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show next week, and we even have two decent drawings to show you … including the elusive rear view, which happens to look absolutely stunning.

If the real car is even remotely close to these drawings the Aventador Spidron will be a stunner that will draw a lot of attention in Switzerland, looking closer at the initial design we notice not much of the original Aventador remains in fact, just about every piece of bodywork has been replaced or modified by FAB Design … the result is a low slung, race inspired super exotic car.

Up front the entire bumper is replaced with a new unit, much deeper and with an extremely aggressive, pointy center fin, the air intakes on either side look larger an receive a Veneno style inset on the lower section toward the middle while very large air vents get carved into the side, just in front of the wheels, which are custom made too naturally.

At first glance the headlights and front hood look original by the front fenders are gone … in their place FAB Design put wider units that remind us of the ones used on the Lamborghini Diablo GT, on this Spidron they also receive impressive LeMans style fins above the wheel arches while the lower side sills are replaced by much wider units too. Just ahead of the rear wheels there is a large air intake on these side sills, which reminds us of the Murciélago LP640 sills … it seems FAB Design has taken a good look at earlier Lamborghini and tried to put some of these classic styling cues into their Spidron package.

And the list goes on … take a look at the roof mounted air intake, a classic among race cars and high performance exotics with a mid or rear mounted engine … and again it looks like the one seen on the Diablo GT or later on the Veneno … however taking a closer look at the rear it seem this air intakes is not functional and only for show.

Also note that some early drawings show the rear view mirrors being replaced by new units that are mounted further up on the windshield surround, something similar to the Diablo Strosek back in the Nineties, however these new, high res drawings show the standard Aventador mirrors … will the car in Geneva use these or not … we’ll have to wait and see.

What is certain is the fact the side air intakes behind the doors became a lot wider, it looks like the entire side section is replaced by a new panel … if the rear wheel arch is widened too isn’t clear from these drawings, but it might surely be possible … which brings us around to the rear of the Aventador Spidron.

The rear of the FAB Design Aventador Spidron will receive a massive ‘suspended’ rear wing … again seen on an earlier Lamborghini, this time on the unique Aventador J or Jota, which also had struts going up into the air to angle down and have the wing ‘hanging’ from them … however FAB Design did a very neat trick to avoid cooling issues. The factory standard Aventador has an adjustable rear wing, which rises up to increase down force … but also to allow more air to be evacuated from the engine bay … installing a fixed wing might cause problems according to some sources … FAB Design actually mounts their wing struts on the engine cover, this allows the original rear wing to still function normally, a perfect solution if you ask me.

Between the taillights we notice an open grille with horizontal fins while the entire rear section looks like it has been replaced, showing newly designed air vents and a very deep lower diffuser with central mounted exhaust and vertical fins for stability … from the drawing it does look very nice indeed.

If we take a look at other FAB Design car I’m sure this Aventador Spidron will also receive a totally custom interior and most likely some addition horsepower … perhaps even a turbo charger … imagine an Aventador looking like this with a set of carbon fiber sports seats and over 1,000 hp …we’ll have to wait and see what the details are when the Spidron is unveiled in Geneva on March 4th. 2014.