Five new Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 posters

Five new lamborghini countach lpi 800 4 1

I know I had several Lamborghini posters on my bedroom walls when I was in my teens, at that time the legendary Countach, but also the Diablo was depicted on a large print, at that time you could walk into a local shop and select from a large number of posters available, these days it is more about having your own prints made for you on a larger scale, but still, Automobili Lamborghini SpA decided to create a collection of five posters from various designers around the world to showcase their latest limited edition model, the new Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4.

From the press release:

The five posters by Automobili Lamborghini each bear the signature of artists and illustrators specializing in 3D and digital works, feeding the Countach myth and confirming the immortality of the icon, and available at the Lamborghini Store. The contributing designers, from around the world, each bring a particular dimension and interpretation of the Countach LPI 800-4 as a future icon.

Omar Aqil, a Pakistani 3D illustrator and CGI artist, places the Countach in the center of the incredible technological evolution of the last 50 years:

Five new lamborghini countach lpi 800 4 2


Yegor Zhuldybin, a young Russian creator specializing in surreal digital collages, explores the integration of the new Countach into today’s world, balancing between the modern incarnation of the iconic model and the celebration of Lamborghini’s history:

Five new lamborghini countach lpi 800 4 6

Shy.Studio, an independent motion graphics studio specializing in 3D animations and still life, is inspired by the influence of the vintage 1980s posters, reproducing the legendary Countach design in a modern setting mixed with abstract, tactile elements and objects that seem to come from another world:

Five new lamborghini countach lpi 800 4 5

Andreas Wannerstedt, a Swedish artist known for his 3D works featuring hypnotic looped animations, proposes a reinterpretation that stages the encounter between nature and the most advanced human technology: the delicate shades of an imaginary sunset meet the clean lines of the Countach LPI 800-4:

Five new lamborghini countach lpi 800 4 3


LRNZ (Lorenzo Ceccotti): graphic designer, motion graphics creator, animator, and illustrator highlights the extraordinary graphic qualities of the new Countach, focusing on extreme minimalism and high-tech vibrations:

Five new lamborghini countach lpi 800 4 4

These posters can be found online at the official Lamborghini store (, listed at $38 each, these come in 70×100 cm format, strangely enough, I didn’t find the yellow LRNZ poster in the shop at the time of writing. I did find the new 2022 calendar listed, I might end up adding that one to the collection soon.