Lamborghini Gallardo BF GT 540 by BF Performance – Guide

Lamborghini gallardo bf gt 540 by bf performance - guide - lamborghini gallardo

The “Home of Special Lamborghinis” had a very impressive stand during the 2007 edition of the IAA Frankfurt, they showed a stunning Murciélago LP640 but also an amazing orange metallic Gallardo, their latest BF GT 540 edition …

Their IAA 2007 Press Release quotes : ‘BF Performance transforms your Lamborghini into an individual designed work of art using quality, beauty and craftsmanship. Designers and technicians use high quality materials to create your own very special Lamborghini the way you want it.

Tell us about your dreams, we will try and make them come true.

We’ll design your Lamborghini even more stunning. We have a whole range of accessories in Carbon Fiber, leather and stainless steel to give your Lamborghini a unique appearance’

Nicknamed ‘the Athlete’ in their official brochure, this amazing orange metallic V10 Bull has been mildly customized, but it is really in the details here as BF Performance so nicely wrote down in their press release : ‘Distinctive muscles, a strong and at the same time smooth physique – attributes of a pro-athlete. The BF GT 540 combines them all in a breathtaking package. Prepare for the start. Feel the ergonomically designed Carbon Fiber steering wheel. Play with the gas pedal. The high performance sport exhaust system vitalizes the interior, loud or quiet by request – remote controlled.

And then … the starting shot. The racing shells keep you grounded, the necessary down force for fast curves and safe road ability is made possible by the Carbon front and rear spoilers. So that you can concentrate on what really counts : the road; or, as the winner, on the finishing line …’

So when you’ve just taken delivery and think the standard Gallardo is just too timid for you, what can BF Performance do for you ?

First of all, mount some nice tuning parts on the outside of the Bull, a set of Carbon Fiber ‘GT’ side skirts, a nice Carbon Fiber ‘GT’ rear spoiler combined with a Carbon Fiber ‘GT’ front spoiler.

But that’s only the start, how about an entire front hood in Carbon, that’s right, the GT front hood is completely finished in clear carbon, as are the Carbon Fiber exterior mirrors and rear diffuser.

If that is still not enough, why not go for the Engine compartment paneling, again in Carbon naturally. Add the Carbon brake light mounted behind the roof, some nice rear light covers in Carbon and an engine cover in high gloss Carbon and you’re just about running out on exterior options from BF Performance … you could however also add the ‘GTR’ exhaust pipes, which are black coated.

Still not satisfied ? No problem, let’s go over the interior options then … a two part central console, a four part door handle kit, all finished in nicely colored Carbon Fiber naturally, and additionally an ergonomic steering wheel with Carbon Fiber inserts. Add a Carbon Fiber faceplate for the Radio/Navigation and Climate control system and a cover for the centrally mounted triplet of instruments together with the instrument panel cover complete with inside faceplate around the speedometer and rpm gauge, and you’re looking at a lot of Carbon for the interior.

But there is more, nice Carbon Fiber covers for the A/C outlet nozzles and a Carbon Fiber entry sill complete with BF Performance logo that will remind you each time you step into the Gallardo BF GT 540 of just how special this car really is.

Add the stunning racing shells BF Performance offers, in just about any combination of soft leather, and you the result will be a very unique Gallardo, you won’t encounter a similar car easily on the open road.

It is clear that BF Performance is securing it’s position in the niche market of Lamborghini tuners, their product portfolio is expanding each year, and today you can have both the Gallardo and the Murciélago totally personalized by this state of the art tuner … if you want something really special for your Bull, take a look at what BF Performance can do.