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You own a very nice Lamborghini Gallardo from the early series, you are quite happy with it, but lately that new LP570-4 Superleggera and the Super Trofeo race car have been catching your eye and you get more and more interested in putting a personal touch on your very own V10 Raging Bull.

In comes Tecnocraft who offer you the option to change your standard, factory looking Gallardo into something quite different, with a nice menacing look and a weight loss of some 300 lbs … how’s that for putting your Gallardo back on the track ?

Tecnocraft is located in the United States and they offer many parts for the Lamborghini Gallardo in lightweight carbon fiber … now most of the time we would recommend to leave a Lamborghini alone when it comes to tuning, as most of the time the result is worse than the original car, but in this case it is quite the contrary, we actually like the looks of this black show car … personally we wouldn’t mount all the decals on it, but that’s our opinion.

Things look different on the Tecnocraft Gallardo, and naturally that massive rear wing attracts most of the attention at first glance, and it isn’t for show only, this large aerofoil actually offers increased down force at the rear, so you should add the deeper front spoiler underneath the bumper too to balance the car out again … naturally also finished in carbon fiber.

And while you’re changing parts, why not replace the rear diffuser with a carbon fiber unit, just about all parts around the engine, the large air box and install some of the most beautiful carbon fiber backed sports seats ever seen in a Gallardo. Open the front hood and the entire luggage compartment is finished in carbon fiber too … if you do get into carbon than you go all the way right ?

Install some nifty 20-inch wheels and you’ve got one impressive looking Lamborghini Gallardo to admire, tweak the suspension a bit and you’ll be rewarded with a nice improvement in performance and road holding in your ‘personalized’ Raging Bull, because of the weight loss the carbon fiber parts offer the engine can be left ‘standard’ and you still get to where you are going faster … and better looking naturally.

And let’s not forget the thundering sound of the V10, the engine hasn’t been tuned, but judging from the tail pipes visible in one of these photographs I’m sure it doesn’t sound the same as the day it left the factory in Sant’Agata, that’s some very impressive and large exhaust pipe …

Again, tuning is a personal thing, and you either love it or hate it, but we are sure there is an audience for after market personalization of Lamborghini models, especially the Gallardo as the production numbers are so high, you might even get tempted to buy a standard one and store it in your garage while you have a second one modified heavily and driven daily … when it’s time to cash in your investment in 10 or 20 years I’m sure the standard one will be worth more than the customized one … take a look at the Countach, the narrow LP400 model is the most sought after now, not the wide and low S-models. But things are different now, there are actually thousands of Gallardo out there while there were only a handful of Countach LP400 ever made … so buying a Gallardo as an investment might not be the best idea … so buy one to drive in, that’s our take on it, enjoy it on the open road where it is meant to be instead of becoming a garage queen.