2013 Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 India Limited Edition

To mark its 50th anniversary, Lamborghini wanted to provide a Gallardo special for the Indian market

Lamborghini gallardo lp550-2 india limited edition - guide - lamborghini gallardo
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Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 India Limited Edition
Gallardo LP550-2 India Serie Speciale Edition
6 units
5.2 L Nat Aspirated V10
550 bhp @ 8,000 rpm
398.3 ft lbs @ 6,500 rpm
0 - 60 mph
3.7 seconds
Top Speed
199 mph

A lot of talk has been going around about the Gallardo being replaced by a successor that might be shown at the 2013 IAA in Frankfurt, but right now the amazing V10 model is still in production and to celebrate 50 years of Lamborghini there is another limited edition for a very dedicated market.

Meet the Gallardo LP550-2 India Limited Edition only available in three shades: Arancio Borealis, Bianco Monocerus or Verde Ithaca (shades derived from the famous Italian TriColore flag) all boasting a wide stripe from front to rear in TriColore alike shades too. Another detail to celebrate the relationship between India and Italy as Mr Pavan Shetty mentions (he is Head of Operations for Lamborghini India), also note the limited production run of only six units will turn this car into an instant classic among sports cars enthusiast in India.

You can only decide on three shades for the outside, that also shows amazing high gloss cross spoke wheels, black air intakes up front and the glass engine cover, being based on the LP550-2 we are talking about 550HP on the rear wheels only while the side sills show a matte black section that nicely contrasts with the bright bodywork but the three shade theme continues inside.

When opening the door on the Gallardo LP550-2 India Limited Edition your first impression might be it looks a bit dull with the full black upholstery but take a closer look and discover the amazing detail built into this new limited edition Raging Bull. The stitching in this car has been taken to the next level the driver is sitting on black leather with bright orange stitching (Arancio Leonis) while the passenger is greeted by green stitching (Verde Ulysse) and to make the TriColore theme complete the center console, dashboard, steering wheels and door panels all get white stitching (Bianco Polar).

We all know exclusivity doesn’t come cheap, so keep in mind only six of these Gallardo LP550-2 India Limited Edition will be built (and from information I received the first one is already sold) so the list price of Rs. 3.06 crore (converts to about $520,000) in the Maharashtra showroom isn’t so exuberant in the end.