2012-2013 Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Edizione Tecnica

The LP 570-4 Edizione Tecnica was based on the LP 570-4 Superleggera and the LP 570-4 Spyder Performante

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Lamborghini gallardo lp570-4 edizione tecnica
Gallardo LP570-4 Edizione Tecnica
2012 - 2013
Unknown units
5.2 L Nat Aspirated V10
570 bhp @ 8,000 rpm
398.3 ft lbs @ 6,500 rpm
0 - 60 mph
3.4 seconds
Top Speed
199 mph

Production of the Lamborghini Gallardo has reached over 13,000 units since the V10 Bull was introduced nearly 10 years ago, a successor to this very successful model is in the making with a worldwide premiere in 2014 so for now you’ll have to do with a further improvement of the current model lineup.

If you take a look at the Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera and the open top cousin named the Performante you might wonder what could be even further improved on these top of the line models well Automobili Lamborghini SpA has the perfect answer now : the Edizione Tecnica taking the lightweight Gallardo to the next level.

Already at the top of the line, both the Superleggera and the Performante can now benefit from further improvements and individual styling. With the Edizione Tecnica upgrade the customer gets the high mounted rear wing as standard fitment while the carbon ceramic disk brakes are installed too to make the model one of the reference cars in this segment the power to weight ratio is a stellar 2,35.

But things get even more interesting when you look at the Gallardo Edizione Tecnica as only three shades are available, all in combination with some contrasting sections. First up is the very popular Nero Nemesis body with the roof pillars and the inside of the front air intakes finished in Arancio Argos, the second option is Bianco Canopus with the pillars and air intakes also finished in Arancio Argos and a final possibility is actually the inversed first option, a body in Arancio Argos but this time the pillars and intakes at the front are finished in Nero Nemesis.

In case this isn’t special enough the customer can always turn to the Ad Personam program available on all new Gallardo models in this case the sky is the limit and you can really create a one of a kind Raging Bull just for you as a client.

And it gets even better when you go for the Gallardo LP570-4 Performante with the Edizione Tecnica option, check out the photos of a red convertible in our updated image gallery.