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We must warn you about the video below … it shows a crash at high speed, so it might be inappropriate for sensitive viewers that hate to see a stunning Lamborghini Gallardo LP600+ prepared by Reiter Engineering being destroyed in mere seconds … but let me assure you: the driver gets out of the car himself and suffered only minor injuries.

During one of the qualifying sessions car number 24 was driven by Albert von Thurn und Taxis, missing the ideal line on the track at a speed over 220km/h made the Reiter Gallardo LP600+ leave the track, the driver imagined going over the curbstones would stabilize the 600 hp V10 race car, but instead it lifted the Raging Bull completely into the air, making it next to impossible to control the car away from the tire wall … but a professional race driver is trained to make split second decisions  … and Albert put the pedal to the metal … the howling V10 put so much power onto the wheels they lost the little grip they had on the grass and the car went into a spin.

This was probably the best option left for Albert as it made the Gallardo LP600+ go into the tire wall butt first … avoiding any ankle injury that can occur when a race car goes ‘nose first’ into the wall. Sure the car was totaled, Albert probably hit the wall at nearly 200 km/h … but he got out of the car with only minor injuries, which shows just how strong Reiter made their LP600+ model.

Also note there is no fire after the crash, the specific race fuel cell sustained the crash perfectly and all safety measures worked like they should, the cockpit of the car wasn’t touched too much from this heavy crash … another testament to the well thought development Reiter Engineering puts into these race cars, which lets face is are still based on a regular road going Gallardo … years of experience and rigorous testing has led to a very safe race car … even when it endures a serious hit like this.

You must admit it looks really scary, but only five hours later Albert stepped into a spare race car and continued to qualify for the race anyway. If you look closely at the crash you’ll notice the rear spoiler goes flying away while the rear bumper was already ripped away from going over the curbstones … still, after hitting the wall at nearly 200 Km/h the car looks almost untouched apart from the missing pieces at the rear.