Lamborghini Gallardo PPL600 by Aspec – Guide

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To many the name ASPEC might not be too familiar, but after seeing their latest concept dubbed the PPL600 I’m sure they will get noticed on the exotic car tuning scene from now on … they created a very impressive aerodynamic package for the popular Lamborghini Gallardo, hence the PPL600-2 designation: Performance Project Lamborghini with 600 horsepower and rear wheel drive only (if we read the name correctly that is).

In early April 2014 Aspec unveiled two show cars, one based on the Porsche called PPP430 and a second one using the Lamborghini Gallardo as a basis using a total of 27 pieces made from carbon fiber or Kevlar to create a stylish, modern interpretation of the first Lamborghini V10 model that has recently been succeeded by the stunning Huracán LP610-4.

At the front the Aspec PPL600 shows a new bumper that completely replaces the original Lamborghini one, featuring large air intakes and additional fins … all in a nice clear carbon fiber finish naturally, even the front hood is a replacement piece as the front ‘line’ has been modernized to the looks of both the Aventador and the Huracán … additional carbon fiber fins on two air vents complete the new hood.

On the side we notice a wide air vent just in front of the rear wheels ‘hovering’ above a nice carbon fiber side sill … but looking closer you’ll also see a wider front wheel arch vent that complements the new air outlet behind the rear wheel perfectly … and best of all these are all fully functional, not only for looks.

At the rear a new, deep lower diffuser is mounted with several vertical fins for added stability while the entire rear panel gets a more open feel by using a Sesto Elemento/Veneno style center piece with triangular openings. Under the taillights two carbon fiber vents are used, above these LED lights Aspec mounts a nice ‘duck tail’ wing, note the center part of this rear wing is still adjustable for more down force at speed … again form and function combined together to create an amazing look.

A special wing mounted at the back of the roof is a detail not often seen on Lamborghini Gallardo tuning, but Aspec just had to get this extra touch on the exterior of their PPL600 package while a quad exhaust system is shown on this specific car featuring a smart valve system to allow different air flow for the exhaust fumes …

One other very interesting feature on this Aspec PPL600 are the wheels, these are called Aspec VF60 three-piece forged units and come in large 20-inch size … but I can’t shed the feeling they look very close to the standard wheels on the new Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 where these are called Giano, Aspec calls them ‘an echo of the Diablo rings design’.

For the inside Aspec turned to Recaro and installed a couple of TSG Alcantara racing seats and a large LCD shows the controls for the Aspec Ideas (Intelligent Dynamic Exhaust Acoustic System) … that’s right, if you drive in the city you are not too pleased with the deep thundering sound of the exhaust you can change it at the touch of a button … switching between Comfort, Sport and Track will change the valve setting in the exhaust system … not only does this control sound, but depending on the position of the throttle the valves can open further automatically … thus increasing not only the sound equilibrium but also performance up to 600hp.