Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Widebody by Super Modern – Guide

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At a meeting of the Lamborghini Club Singapore a very special looking Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder was on display, the reactions were very different on it, some really liked it while other actually really disliked it … one thing we can say about it is that this V10 is a one of a kind, highly customized Raging Bull.

After doing a little research I found out who actually created this unique convertible … Super Modern Services based in Singapore, in fact this car already stirred up emotions when it was still black … wearing a custom made bodykit that made the front look like a Lamborghini Aventador … but that wasn’t even the most eye-catching feature of it … the paintjob was.

The exterior rear view mirrors and the front hood showed a very special finish, almost like fish scales, while a wide TriColore stripe was fitted in the middle … side skirts and a custom rear diffuser made the pre-2008 Gallardo Spyder look really different … but that just wasn’t enough for the owner … he went the extra Mile and completely transformed this V10 convertible.

Super Modern Services from Singapore went to work on this black Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, creating a bespoke kit to transform this V10 into a rolling showcase of their top of the line work … wide wheels were installed (showing a Wald logo) and work began on creating the custom made wide body parts.

The already custom front bumper was even further modified, different side vents with additional fins and the original ‘canards’ on the side were removed and wider front fenders were perfectly ‘incorporated’ into the bumper while the side sills were replaced by wider units running into extremely wide rear wheel arches and a massive side air intake, note the front of the side sills show a vertical fin while the front fenders are actually so wide they don’t touch the doors anymore but feature an air vent … and another vertical fin, running down this time.

The rear wheel arches were made very wide and show a lot of lines, streaks and vents … one might state the design is a bit cluttered, but most of the lines actually do run into a molded in rear wing and the rear bumper. Around the back the entire rear section was highly modified too, the later 2009 model taillights were mounted in a rear fascia that shows Aventador influences, if you look closely at the rear you will notice the Lamborghini script is actually flanked by two special mounts … looking at the width of these mounts I can only imagine Super Modern Services is planning on a massive rear wing to be added soon.

To be honest the red and black paint does look rather good on this car, it emphasizes the very special design of the aerodynamic kit … and I for one prefer it to the full black livery the car had before … the rear bumper and lower diffuser is entirely finished in glossy black, and it holds a center mounted exhaust tip … which looks to be a fake, just for show. Note this is a pre-2008 Gallardo Spyder … these had only one exhaust pipe left and right.

Today this red and black Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder by Super Modern Services shows dual exhaust tips on either side … but only one of them is an actual exhaust, the second one is just for show … in the end this really is an impressive … show car.

You have to admit the amount of work, and costs that went into creating this one of a kind Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder can only be admired … if you like the result … or hate it … is a personal, subjective opinion … you can’t deny it is very special, and that is just what the owner was trying to achieve with this total customization.