2005-2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

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Finally the long awaited Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder was unveiled to the public during the 2005 IAA in Frankfurt, and like the March Auto Show in Geneva, all cars on the floor were finished in Balloon White, a special new pearl metallic shade of white. But more impressively was a black metallic Spyder with a contrasting white interior hanging from the wall!

During the actual unveiling, this black car was hidden from view, the tall wall sections were sliding open to show this magnificent car to the numerous spectators that gathered around the Automobili Lamborghini stand to witness this new car first hand.

The white interior of this car does look amazing, but that white dashboard will surely create a lot of glare with the sun on it, but still it’s a magnificent looking car, and the first open version of the Gallardo that is available on the market right now.

A lot of rumors are going around about the Concept S going into limited production, but that’s still not decided at this moment, so the Spyder version is your best shot at driving the Gallardo with the top down, listening to that wonderful V10 engine just behind your ears.

As on all Gallardo for the 2006 model year, this V10 now pumps out 520 Bhp at 8000 rpm, an increase of 20 Bhp compared to previous years, and with the combination of a slightly lower gear ratio, top speed went up to 315 Km/h.

You must admire the very special way to roof is folded away, first the two ‘buttress’ of the roof go up, then the entire engine cover rises upwards and backwards, afterward it tilts open at the rear to allow the entire roof to be folded underneath this Carbon Fiber hood very impressive and elegant. And it only takes 20 seconds from start to finish, leaving you with a magnificent open Lamborghini, and you must admit, this Gallardo Spyder even looks good with the roof up.

Note that the first deliveries of this awesome open Lamborghini started during March 2006, but all 800 units that would be built during 2006 were sold out at that time, so the waiting list was reaching 12 months in March 2006, and to make things worse, a long list of options was also available for this Spyder version, ranging from the well known e-Gear to a rear view parking video camera system, and Lamborghini’s ‘Privilegio’ programme which offers a totally custom made car to the customer, note that this Privilegio programme is also available on the other models made at Sant’Agata.

In case you were still hesitating to order your special Gallardo Spyder, this would help a prestigious international jury voted the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder as ‘The World’s most Beautiful Car’ with an official award at the Triennale di Milano on March 3. 2006.