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Back in December 2013 we visited the Essen Motor Show where we came eye to eye with a highly modified Lamborghini Gallardo … at that time called the SE700 by Boxter, this car was meticulously taken apart and just about every panel changed for a modified unit with looks inspired by the Lamborghini V12 flagship, the Aventador LP700-4.

Fast forward to March 2014 when Suhorovsky Design announced the world premiere of their new Gallardo body kit during the Krakow Moto Show … which is in fact an evolution of the SE700 by Boxter … the name has been changed but the very impressive looks remain.

Original Aventador wheels in 19 and 20 inch size are mounted on this Gallardo SR66-2 while the rear lower diffuser looks like an almost exact replica of the Aventador unit too, however the taillights remain LP560 units, similar with the headlight units, these are also sourced from the more recent Gallardo evolution.

A deep front bumper with large air intakes and additional vents on the side complete the restyle on the Gallardo SR66-2, there is also a carbon fiber lip underneath the bumper while the modified front hood shows a series of ‘faux vents’ that actually reminds me of the Mansory Aventador … and in fact if you take a look at the doors of the Gallardo SR66-2 you notice a ‘crease’ that seems to be inspired but the latest Mansory kit for the Aventador too.

In case of the Gallardo SR66-2 the door panel flows into a large side air intake styled to Aventador looks with an air vent ahead of the rear wheels too, around the back the rear fascia gets Aventador styling too with those two large air vents while a stylish black, fixed rear wing found a spot on this SR66-2 too behind the glass engine cover.

It is obvious a lot of work went into creating the Gallardo SR66-2, the finish and fitment of these elaborate parts are really nice up close, it sure does transform the original Lamborghini Gallardo into something more impressive … judging from the reactions on the various forums online it is however a love it or hate it design … no matter if you like the entire package or not, this is a very impressive looking car nonetheless.

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