Gallardo Superleggera Shoes

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You have been able to obtain one of the limited edition Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera editions and have it nicely parked inside your garage, but tonight you are taking your lovely wife to a party in this very special car … first question that comes to mind would be what to wear right ?

How about a pair of stunning looking, white leather and clear carbon fiber shoes?

The concept drawing you see on this page wasn’t a reality back in January 2009 when Tim Cooper created this stunning pair of shoes in 3D, but I’m sure these would sell rather well, perhaps not very comfortable to wear, but with looks like that, who cares ?

The overall design of this concept was clearly taken from the Gallardo Superleggera, a model whose production was halted when the LP560-4 came out, but which is still considered as one of the best V10 models ever made at Sant’Agata, and apparently someone was so impressed with the design they had a pair made in real life.

During the 2012 StMoritz event David Kaiser was able to photograph a white pair of Lamborghini Gallardo shoes … they might not look exactly like Tim’s design but they are close, and show exactly the feeling we got from the 3D render.

One major difference is the fact Tim based his design on the first edition Gallardo Superleggera while the shoes we see in real life are based on the later Gallardo LP560-4 evolution: there are twin exhausts at either side at the rear, and both the front- and the taillights look different … but the idea remained, and I for one really like it.

If now someone would use clear carbon fiber heels on a Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera styled shoe that would really rock, after the initial 3D design made in January 2009 Tim created an evolution in November 2010 … when he turned the shoes into a Police edition, complete with bars at the front and working flashlights … imagine wearing those at the Gumball party.