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The Lamborghini Gallardo is without a doubt the most popular model ever made in Sant’Agata, production numbers show this quite clearly, and with the subsequent updates over the years this V10 kept on selling at a steady pace which means a lot of Gallardo will be customized in time … even the limited edition Superleggera edition from 2007 doesn’t escape the personal touch some owners want to apply to it.

I must admit a Superleggera lightweight version of a V10 Lamborghini isn’t the worst base to start with, even in factory original trim this is a very impressive car, add a few personal modifications and some TLC to it and you end up with an amazing looking car at a fraction of the cost it would take to buy a brand new one … the original Superleggera is about 5 years old today, so prices did come down a bit if you want to acquire one, leaving you some extra cash to modify it.

This specific yellow Superleggera has been mildly optimized, up front we get the amazing looking LP570-4 Superleggera bumper (minus the matte black sides however) that draws the ‘old’ car right into the latest style, at the back the high, clear carbon fiber rear wing was an option originally, but I doubt many left the factory doors without it.

Another obvious update are the clean ADV05 Deep Concave wheels, this time not finished in matte black but with a brushed center and a shiny polished lip, a bit bigger in size compared to the already good looking Scorpius wheels the factory mounts they look extremely modern on this Bull, yet remain classic enough not to look over the top.