Lamborghini Gallardo White Edition LP600 by Anderson – Guide

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If you think about it the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 might look a bit tame these days compared to models like the LP570-4 Superleggera and it’s Spyder version, the Performante, so if you own a nice original LP560 it might be a good idea to start thinking about a bit of personalization on your Raging Bull.

Many tuning companies these days offer ways to create your very own interpretation of the Lamborghini Gallardo, but only a handful really put together something different, one of these companies is German based Anderson who has made it’s name by thinking out of the box and offering some really impressive tuning packages for the most exclusive cars on the market.

This latest offering is called the Gallardo White Edition, naturally it’s finished in white but Anderson also tweaked the engine up to a healthy 600 Bhp by tinkering with the ECU, putting special air filters on the intakes and installing a stupendous exhaust system that actually allows you to change the note of the thundering sound remotely. The exhaust now uses special racing catalysts to offer a less restricted air flow, all these modifications make the car 22 Kgs lighter as an added bonus.

So we now have some extra power and your Gallardo sounds great too, so let’s make sure it looks as good as it drives by altering the overall looks of the already beautiful V10 from Sant’Agata. Here things get a bit complicated to say they least, not everybody is keen on having it’s Gallardo cut up to mount some really intimidating wheel arch extensions.

From the first time I saw these images from Anderson I knew it looked familiar … and I’m right, the body kit and the wheels look identical to the ones offered by Imsa on their LP560 GTV version, and that’s fine by me, I for one really liked their GTV package, I even visited IMSA a few years ago and saw these amazing cars in real life … and in various stages of construction.

Note that the front spoiler and front fenders are complete units that bolt onto the original points of the Gallardo, same thing with the rear bumper and side sills … but these wide wheel arches at the rear are a totally different story, to be able to fit these and those wide rear wheels they have to cut into the bodywork of the Lamborghini, something only a skilled person should do if you ask me. But the result is surely worth it, this kit makes a standard Gallardo look even more impressive than the factory original Superleggera version.

These wide wheel arches are required to cover the massive new wheels mounted on this car, 9×20 inch with 245/30-20 tires at the front and 12.5 x 20 inch with 325/25-20 at the rear, in case of the Anderson Gallardo White Edition the outer rims are color coded with the rest of the white bodywork while the ‘spiders’ are finished in high gloss black, something that can be easily accomplished as these wheels are modular … nonetheless this combination of a white body rolling on black wheels surely works, add those red painted brake calipers and you’ve got killer looks on your Raging Bull. A special sports suspension makes the Gallardo White Edition ride even lower resulting in a truly menacing look when it appears in your rear view mirror on the German Autobahn.

And we’re not yet finished, sure the engine upgrade and that awesome body kit are nice, but Anderson didn’t forget the interior on their White Edition, the original upholstery has been replaced with a new black and white scheme on the seats, door panels, dashboard and headliner.

The seats receive black leather on the outside combined with white leather featuring stunning Q-Citura stitching on the seat and back, the dashboard received a similar black upholstery and various white carbon fiber additions, the doorpanels are also a combination of black leather and white sections with Q-Citura stitching, the doorhandles are also finished in white carbon fiber, the same material used for the hand brake and the upper section of the steering wheel. The central console got covered in white leather similar to the one seen in the LP550 Balboni special and another amazing touch can be found above your head … the headliner is finished in stunning black alcantara featuring white piping making the overall look and feel inside the Gallardo White Edition complete.

I know that not every Gallardo owner will be thinking about modifying his pride and joy this way, many owners prefer to keep their cars factory original, and I respect that, but think about this : there have been 10000 Gallardo built, those are totally different production numbers compared to the classic Lamborghinis. I would dream about touching a Miura or a Countach for instance, but with so many Gallardo available it would be feasible to buy a second hand unit and convert it into something really special and unique … while keeping a factory fresh, original model in your garage.