Gallardo With Ims Tuning And D2 Forged Wheels

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As you know the Lamborghini Gallardo production has been discontinued recently after being made at Sant’Agata for more than a decade, the new V10 Raging Bull will be shown to the public at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show in March … however with a total production of 14,022 units in 32 different variations the Lamborghini Gallardo has by far been the most successful Bull ever made.

Released in 2003 the angular design of the Gallardo and the impressive driving experience quickly made this ‘entry level’ Lamborghini very popular, the subsequent evolutions like the Superleggera and the restyle and increased performance of the LP560-4 and LP570-4 editions only made the overall package even better.

Today the early Gallardo models can be found for very reasonable prices, and if you would like to make the 5.0 V10 look more contemporary you’ll be able to turn to several tuning companies that offer just the right thing for you … however one of the best looking conversions for the classic Gallardo comes from IMS Automotive Design, founded in 2008 they have been creating modern style aerodynamic kits that will turn any Lamborghini Gallardo in a true eye-catching beauty.

You can install an LP560 style front bumper to the early V10 model that will instantly make it look more modern, have the engine surrounded by clear carbon fiber panels, mount that stunning Superleggera high rear wing on the deck or go for a Murciélago SV style rear wing on the V10 … you can even have the special LP570-4 Superleggera front bumper installed on the 2003 Gallardo.

To make the back of your early Gallardo look better you can add a Superleggera style lower diffuser to the rear wing … and have a quad tip exhaust installed … personally that would be second on my list if I would modify my own V10 … taking pole position on my order list just has to be the absolutely stunning GST front bumper.

Upon first glance you might think the GST front bumper is just another LP570-4 Superleggera replica … but it isn’t! Take a close look and you will notice the air vents on the side are much larger and the lower fins on the corners are more like the ones seen on the Murciélago Super Veloce, have them painted in matte black and they turn the Gallardo into a very aggressive looking Bull, ready to stampede over anything in its path.

The owner of the red Lamborghini Gallardo opted to keep the entire GST front bumper color coded to the rest of the Rosso bodywork, have a carbon fiber Superleggera style side skirt installed, carbon fiber rear wing complete with lower rear diffuser and a glass engine cover … the GST decal on the doors is just the icing on the cake here … Gallardo Super Trofeo by the way.

With a car looking like this the next step are wheels, and you have to admit … third party wheels can either make or break a good looking car … the D2 Forged wheels on this dual five spoke design work really well on the Gallardo, these are 20 inch D2Forged MB8 wheels in fact, 9 inch wide Shallow Concave up front with even more impressive 12 inch wide Deep Concave at the back, finished in Suzuka Gray with a high polished flange and full clear coat for that deep shine and to add some protection.

Even if this car might be over 10 years old, it still looks gorgeous today, and I’m sure it will keep turning heads when it passes by … the Lamborghini Gallardo has become a classic in its own time, and IMS Automotive Design together with D2Forged Wheels made this one into something really special.