Gallardo With Superleggera Kit And Matte Wrap

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Recently we found photos of a matte grey wrapped Lamborghini Gallardo that looked like an LP570-4 Superleggera edition, but upon closer inspection the wheels where not correct … and then we discovered several other details that just didn’t add up.

Then it hit us … this was an early series Gallardo 5.0 model with some extensive modification done to it, apart from the stunning looking matte grey finish the owner had the front bumper replaced by a current Superleggera version, and it totally changes the overall look of the car, but that wasn’t the end of the story, check out the rear wing, that’s also a Superleggera unit, the optional high wing to be specific … and the engine cover was replaced along the way too, now holding the glass window so people can admire the V10 below … uprated to 535 HP by the way.

At the rear we also notice the taillights were replaced with more recent LP560-4/LP570-4 units, and the top covers were also installed, however the fins on the ‘shoulders’ remained as did the rear bumper with the two exhaust pipes … would be great to see that one replaced with a more recent rear bumper and the quad exhaust setup.

The lower diffuser at the back does look custom however, a bit lower than normal while the wheels remain second generation Gallardo units, the Callisto wheels first seen on the Gallardo SE from 2005 and later available on the regular Gallardo MY2006.

A nice touch on this car is the fact the exterior rear view mirrors remained glossy, nicely contrasting against the mostly matte finish on the rest of the bodywork … the overall impression this Gallardo gives out is a magnificent, industrial look. The car draws attention in a positive way and the small modifications pull it straight into the recent car styling rage.