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If you manage to convince Luxury Tuner DMC to sell you their impressive STAGE3 kit for the Lamborghini Aventador you still have to make sure you’ll pick a shade for your car that hasn’t been used before … even if the asking price of 288,888 US$ doesn’t deter you, you just can’t call DMC and buy this very special Edizione GT … or E-GT aerodynamic kit complete with engine tuning.

The price alone would most likely be enough to keep the DMC LP988-4 Edizione GT a rare sight on the open road, but still DMC screens every request for this third generation tuning package to make it even more exclusive … no two will exist in the world finished in the same shade … that is why this latest LP988-4 that has just been completed in China is wearing a matte black dress … glossy black was seen on the second LP988-4 already, so that was out of the question for the owner of this Aventador.

This number 3 DMC LP988-4 Edizione GT … or E-GT as it is also called has been wrapped in matte black metallic with a very nice, contrasting red stripe … a detail that returns on the extremities of the clear carbon fiber parts of the front bumper, side skirts, rear diffuser and on the top of the rear view mirrors … while that stupendously impressive engine cover is completely finished in clear carbon fiber.

For a total of 288,888 US$ you’ll secure a special place on the high end, exotic car tuning scene with a car unlike anything else on the open road. This will get you the entire aerodynamic kit including a completely new front bumper, special side skirts, a massive rear diffuser and rear fascia replacement, a FIA GT racing inspired rear wing and most importantly an engine cover that will completely blow the competition away … all made from carbon fiber … hence available in a high gloss, clear carbon fiber finish.

And that’s only the beginning … add a pair of turbo chargers and a reprogrammed ECU to increase power output to 988hp and while the diffuser fits around the standard exhaust tip of the Lamborghini Aventador it is also possible to install a lightweight, free flowing exhaust system that might just change the tone of this V12 Raging Bull … a little.

Modified suspension and custom DMC forged wheels are part of the package deal that will have your very own Aventador flown into Germany to have the DMC workshop install all these goodies for you … or you can opt to have the aero parts delivered to one of the authorized DMC partners near you, but only if you buy the body parts only for 89,990 US$ … when the engine tuning is required the car has to travel to Germany.

If the outside isn’t impressive enough you can also get a completely modified interior done by DMC, with the finest Italian leather and more clear carbon fiber than you can dream about … even a custom steering wheel is available …

What makes every DMC kit even better is the fact you can return the car to factory specs without any visible damage … that’s right, the entire STAGE3 kit is bolted onto the original Lamborghini Aventador bodywork without the requirement of drilling extra holes … just remove the factory front bumper and install the Edizione GT one, add the side sills underneath the original ones and remove the entire rear section to be replaced by these E-GT parts … without damaging the Bull.