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We’ve only seen the impressive looking Mansory Carbonado LP1250 at the March 2013 Geneva Auto Show, at that time finished in an impressive matte carbon fiber … only 6 of these high power super cars would be built … and about six months later the production number 6/6 was shown at the 2013 IAA in Frankfurt.

In Geneva I talked to the people from Mansory, the amazing looking Lamborghini Aventador based Carbonado was fitted with a twin turbocharger developed in-house by Mansory … I asked them if the B2 Bomber look alike weave of the body was a wrap … but it wasn’t, in fact Mansory operates its own autoclave so they can create carbon fiber without using external suppliers … this also allows them to create totally innovative weaves … and the Carbonado is one of those.

The Mansory Carbonado shows an evolution of the already complete aerodynamic kit they unveiled back in 2011 with a totally redesigned front bumper, a completely new rear section with fins that lead into the rear wing, 40mm wider fenders up front and 50mm wider fenders at the rear … and probably most impressive: a Y-shape on the doors themselves.

If the exterior already looks truly amazing … check out the interior … not a single panel inside the Aventador base car has been left untouched, the seats get a stunning stitching pattern that is continued on the sides of the central console … and even on the headliner of the roof, furthermore a lot of black leather combined with a contrasting shade, number 1/6 showed white sections while the 6/6 received red leather and stitching.

The dashboard pod holding the LCD screen gets covered in clear carbon fiber, as is the central console cover around the controls and the levers behind the steering wheel to operate the gears … even the steering wheel has carbon fiber details … Mansory even altered the design of the original steering wheel.

Note both the interior and the exterior show a number of ‘Carbonado’ scripts, the steering wheel has a nice crest in the middle while the dashboard in front of the passenger also receives a Carbonado script … in fact nowhere on these Mansory super car are you able to locate a Lamborghini script or logo … which makes me believe Mansory is in fact registered as a car maker … hence has his own make used to register for a license plate.

As a result of installing two turbochargers and heavily modifying the original V12 engine … a completely new cylinder head has been created by Mansory … power output went from 700hp to 1250 hp with a torque limitation at 900Nm … top speed … 380 Km/h!

Each Mansory Carbonado LP1250 had an MSRP of €900,000 before taxes, but the customer could probably specify some extra options to raise above the €1,000,000 bar … still this didn’t withhold Mansory from selling all 6 units they would produce … the 6th one was on display during the 2013 IAA … finished with a high gloss top coat.

The Geneva car 1/6 had a matte top coat which looks really good I have to admit, this 6/6 Carbonado has a totally different look thanks to the high gloss finish … you either like it or hate it I guess … personally I would opt for the matte finish however.

So this ‘shining’ Mansory Carbonado concludes the production of 6 units, the Mansory Carbonado Apertos that was also shown at the same IAA will only be built 3 times (at €1,200,000 each) … so what is Mansory planning next? I’m sure they have no intention of calling it quits after these nine units … so my guess is we will be admiring something even more impressive at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show … I’m really curious to see what this German based high end tuner will come up with next.