Hamann Nervudo for Aventador – Guide

Hamann nervudo for aventador - guide - lamborghini aventador
IAA 2013 Lamborghini Aventador with Hamann Motorsport Nervudo aerodynamic kit

I actually had a nice interview with the people from Hamann Motorsport at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show back in March about a tuning package for the Lamborghini Aventador … and they replied the market wasn’t large enough to develop it, also the rumor about warranty issues when an owner modifies the car didn’t help either … but apparently both ‘issues’ didn’t keep the famous German tuner from taking on the latest V12 flagship from Sant’Agata.

Seeing the Hamann Nervudo at the 2013 IAA in Frankfurt did come as a total surprise, there had been no press release or any teasers beforehand … it just appeared in Frankfurt to take center stage at the Hamann booth … I talked to one of the guys at the stand and he confirmed the car was ready only hours before it had to be put on the stand … you can’t just drive a car onto your booth at the IAA when the doors are already open to the public or the press.

Hamann Motorsport did put together a quick press release just in time to post on their website … there was nothing available in print about the Nervudo for Aventador, they didn’t even had time to do a studio shoot to produce press photos … their website didn’t even show the Hamann Nervudo until two days after the IAA opened … and even now they only show a few photos taken right at the stand in Frankfurt … which all shows the car was indeed a ‘just in time’ delivery.

I for one actually like the large air intake Hamann installed on the engine cover, it reminds me of the very limited edition Lamborghini Veneno in fact … I would have left out the glass louvers but that’s personal taste naturally. While being at the rear of the Nervudo let’s take a look at the large rear wing installed on struts that allow the angle of the wing to be adjusted … for those who want more or less down force at high speed.

Going further down at the rear you’ll notice a new lower diffuser with additional vertical fins, on this car finished in a combination of grey metallic and orange metallic paint … but just about all parts of the Hamann Nervudo kit are made from carbon fiber, so they can be clear coated too which creates a totally different look naturally.

Swinging to the side you’ll encounter a completely new side sill, a bit wider than the original Aventador unit this Hamann part optimizes aerodynamics and offers a stabilized airflow … both on the sides and underneath the Raging Bull … the slightly wider stance of these side sills did require a thin vertical addition to be mounted just behind the front wheels, to make it all flow into each other nicely.

Up front the original bumper is completely replaced by a Hamann Nervudo unit, which houses two additional air intakes on the top but also a more aggressive, further forward design towards the lower intakes that receive a large fin on the sides to push even more fresh air into the vents … a lower lip is added under the bumper to further increase down force on the front wheels … to balance out the additional down force generated by the rear wing.

On the side the large air intake behind the doors are also adorned by a larger fin while the adjustable intakes behind the side windows get an extra, more aggressive looking fin too … taking all these add-ons into the equation you’ll have to admit the Hamann Nervudo sure looks different from the factory standard Lamborghini Aventador … if everybody likes the design is another question … but individuality is very important in this market.

Hamann Motorsport, located in Laupheim, Germany is well known for their special wheel design … and this is reflected on the new Nervudo too … the car at the IAA showed a stunning wheel finished in matte black with a color coded, bright orange metallic rim. In fact this wheel is in fact a forged multi part unit to deliver the lowest possible weight … called the Hamann Professional.

In case of the Nervudo we are talking about a 9×20 inch up front with 255/30ZR20 high performance tires and wide 13×21 inch wheels wearing 355/25ZR21 rubber at the rear axle … fitting any larger or wider would be a problem in fact, but these fit like a glove on the bright orange Hamann Nervudo at the IAA.

To make the Hamann Nervudo sound as impressive as she looks the Swabian tuner developed a new sports muffler for the Aventador exhaust system … the engine note is already extraordinary, but still Hamann has an optional ‘Race Version’ in the pipeline … that will ‘backfire’ too.

Installing a different exhaust system is one way to liberate a few extra hp from the already potent V12 engine, still Hamann completely reprogrammed the ECU to increase power output from 700 to 760hp (559 kW) with an equally impressive boost in torque from 690 to 735 Newton meters.

With the Nervudo for Aventador Hamann Motorsport is back in full swing when it comes to tuning Lamborghini super cars, remember the Victory based on the Gallardo … that was one impressive, wide body Bull too … wouldn’t it be nice to have a Nervudo wide body too?