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The Hueliez Company in France is known for their special constructions based mostly on French cars like the Peugeot 605 which they turned into a limousine. But this time they made a very nice prototype based on Lamborghini mechanicals.

Hueliez presented their Pregunta concept at the 1998 Paris Auto Show, and displayed it again at the 1999 Geneva Auto Show. The car received mixed reactions, some found it extremely ugly while other appreciated the strange look of the car, almost brutal with an animal like attraction, something that couldn’t be said about the then current Canto prototypes from Zagato.

The car had an extremely good streamline, the front spoiler housed two big air intakes while the front fenders held a set of small Xenon(r) type headlights, the sides receive rather big air grabbers for the mid/rear mounted Lamborghini V-12 engine.

Part of these intakes were actually integrated into the big upward opening doors, when the roof was installed, a section of the clear roof panels was fixed to these doors and opened up with them, the massive rear housed two big exhaust pipes and again an array of small lights.

They actually used a Diablo VT chassis and mechanicals to build their impression of a new line in speedsters. This car was over 4.5 m long and about 2 m wide, with a height of only 110 cm.
A top speed of 333 Km/h was possible by using the new 530 Bhp version of the famous V-12 engine, which was now being used in the 1999 Diablo line-up. A 0-100 Km/h time of less than 4 seconds was very fast, even more impressive to obtain this number without a roof mounted.

On the inside, the car looked like an airplane, but the finish was top of the line, with a mixture of black and warm blue alcantara. The dashboard by Magnetti Marelli seemed to be borrowed from a Formula One car, the Hi-Fi installation was made by Alpine of course who also supplied the LCD screens for the rear view camera system, BCI was responsible for the Cristine Navigation system. The self winding four-point seat belts were courtesy of Schrott while ambient lightning in the interior was made by DGGA, finally the steering wheel was a Classic Board unit. This Pregunta was built by Hueliez just to show to the bodywork industry what they were capable of, this car was a one-off prototype and probably won’t be produced, even in small numbers.

A small detail, the development of this unique prototype cost over US $ 800,000 back in 1999, a rather impressive price considering they had no intention of producing this car.

Pregunta specifications :

Wheelbase : 2650 mm
Length : 4516 mm
Width : 2084 mm
Height : 1100 mm
Weight : 1650 Kg

Engine type : DOHC V-12 mid mounted, four wheel drive
Displacement : 5707 cc
Max. power : 530 Bhp at 7100 rpm
Max. Torque : 605 Nm (445 Lbs Ft.) at 5500 rpm

Wheels : made by OZ-wheels
Tires : Michelin front 235/35 ZR 18 – rear 345/30 ZR 19
Top speed : over 333 Km/h.
0-100 Km/h. : 4 sec.
0-1000m : 20.7 sec.