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Last year I was invited to attend the Super car picnic at the Hever Castle in the United Kingdom, had a great time and saw some of the most amazing exotic cars currently in the UK … so when Ian put together another picnic at the same location this year I didn’t hesitate to book my Eurotunnel ticket and join them ‘on the grass’ once again.

When it comes to events like this we always try to get there early to I can capture the Bulls arriving at the scene, and this year was no different, we arrived at Hever Castle well before the first super cars made their appearance at the gates, so we were able to get some unique shots of the 43 cars that would gather around the castle this year.

Again not only Lamborghini showed up, but some truly amazing looking TVR joined us, several Ferrari, some Porsche and even a magnificent red Viper (the driver also owns a Countach by the way) and an MG and a BMW … a beautiful collection of sports cars and super exotics together that drew a massive amount of onlookers during the day as the Hever Castle was open for visitors naturally.

With some convincing here and there I was able to get several of these awesome looking cars onto a more secluded part of the park to get some uncluttered shots of the cars, most owners really liked this, and where more than happy to get great shots of their pride and joy, take a look at the dark blue Diablo SV MY1999 on these pages, a very nice looking car in a stunning shade … the owner upgraded from a red Countach Quattrovalvole by the way … and is already thinking about getting a Murciélago to replace this rare Diablo.

Other highlights of the day included a bright red Silhouette, with only 52 ever made, and less than 30 known to exist today, this is a really nice find, and photographing it wasn’t as easy as it looked, the specific shade of red was rather difficult to capture in the bright sunlight, but we managed nicely and got some poster quality shots of this special Raging Bull.

Lamborghini Seven Oaks arrived in a mind blowing dark blue metallic Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder, perhaps not the first choice when selecting colors on your new Lamborghini, but the combination with the blue and white interior worked marvelously well,  the overall look with those chromed cross spoke wheels was really well balanced.

Other interesting Lamborghini include a nice blue metallic Diablo and an original red, early series Diablo that looked like it just came from the delivery truck, incredible this car was more than 15 years old which clearly shows that owning and caring for your exotic can really add up in the end.

Naturally there were a few Murciélago present too, a bright yellow one and a white over black Roadster that looked really familiar judging by the license plate … last year this car was purple metallic, this year the owner had it ‘wrapped’ … that’s right, the white combined with carbon fiber on this car was wrapped onto it, a really special look.

We also saw the yellow Diablo Roadster again, and just like every time we see this car, the owner updated it, this time a brand new paint job to get all the yellow to align, which is very difficult with this shade mind you, and a brand new leather upholstery … with Q-Citura stitching … in a Diablo ! Safe to say this really looks magnificent.

The weather was nice, the cars were amazing and the people were a pleasure to talk to once again, the Super Car picnic at Hever Castle is always a great way to meet the owners of these great cars in a relaxed surrounding, and with that large grass area on the castle grounds taking photographs of these cars is so much fun I can’t wait for next year … perhaps with a Zonda on the grass ?