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Remember the very aggressively styled Lamborghini Aventador rendered by Khyzyk Saleem back in September 2014 … well this talented designer did it again, now taking the Lamborghini Huracán V10 to the next level.

He again went for a very aggressive look, complete with wide wheel arches surely inspired by the riveted look used by LB Performance on their wide body conversions, perfect to create that old-school race track look that has been gaining popularity lately.

Up front the headlights have been removed and their opening sealed to create a better airflow while the front bumper is heavily restyled and received a set of fins for increased stability at speed while a fixed rear wing is installed to keep those wide, deep dish wheels with massively wide racing slicks firmly attached to the track.

On the inside we can clearly see a roll over bar, which happens to be required for that weekend race car, track version of your Lamborghini Huracán … why not, a perfect toy to get rid of the stress of work during the week.