How about a widebody Aventador SVJ

Carmstyledesign svj widebody 1

The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is a great looking car, usually considered as the evolution of the Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce, the Aventador SVJ production is just about halted by the time you read this, right now only the Aventador Ultimae, the final units of the Sian and Sian Roadster, and the Countach LPI800-4 are built before the Linea Aventador will be migrated into the successor, but let’s go back to the SVJ, another limited production model from Sant’Agata, with 900 units of the Coupe and 800 units of the Roadster built for the entire world, so with a total of 1,700 units globally, chances are some of them will get some kind of tuning.

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Be it engine tuning, different wheels … or a more intricate personalization like a wide-body conversion, and that is exactly what Carmstyledesign created … virtually that is, on the Instagram page it is stated: freelance designer/automotive design/vehicle concept design/independent custom spec visualizer. Try fitting that on a business card, but all kidding aside, this virtual 3D render of a wide-body aero kit for the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ does look really interesting.

Carmstyledesign svj widebody 9

This designer even changed the by now aging taillights on his render, and boy, do they look great, and while I do like the original rear wing on the Aventador SVJ, I can’t help myself by admiring this new version even more, the entire redesign is just so aggressive, and still, in style with the original car, you immediately recognize an Aventador SVJ, but you also know without a doubt she’s been heavily customized.


Carmstyledesign svj widebody 4

The deeply concave five-spoke wheels are amazing, with their spokes that run all the way onto the outer rim, you don’t want to hit a sidewalk with these ladies, while additional driving lights are incorporated into the wider front bumper, there are even vents next to the headlights now, and when looking at the typical, gloss black Y-shaped side intake, you’ll notice it seems the intake itself is in the original position, but the body panels above and below the intake are extended outward … stunning attention to detail.

Carmstyledesign svj widebody 5

I even like the small SVJ script on the lower front part of the doors, back in the days of the Murcielago SV this was an option, either a small SV script on the doors, or a larger one on the rear fender above the wheel, sadly Lamborghini only offers the large SVJ on the rear fender or no script at all … while I would prefer this smaller one on the doors, it’s still there, but subtle, very nice.

Enjoy some more angles on this Aventador SVJ widebody by Carmstyle Design and make sure to check out the video at the bottom:

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Check out the video on this Aventador SVJ widebody: