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Remember the office desk we published back in 2013 ago that resembled the front section of the impressive Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 Super Veloce made in Poland?

The same company that creates luxury furniture in Poznan, Poland now offers something similar for the living room, how about a nice comfortable couch made out of the entire front of that same car … using fiberglass for the Super Veloce look alike front section and MDF for the rear that will be turned into a couch.

Using some amazing padding I’m sure this will be a very nice seat to enjoy, it takes about four months from start to finish to finish one of these custom seats and you can select from a very large collection of shades, both for the front fascia and for the actual leather on the seat itself.

Back in 2013 the desks came with a base price of about $7,000, perhaps today these seats are a bit more expensive, but it would be great conversation starter in your living room … even more so if you have the real deal parked in the garage.

More information can be found at: Design Epicentrum