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Earlier this year we already put together an article on HRE Wheels offering an amazing looking 454 Italian Five-Window style wheel in their Retro series, it looked like the wheel OZ made for the Countach 25th Anniversary back in the late Eighties, but pulled into the 21st century by offering sizes from 18 up to 20 inch with widths raging between 7 and 14 inch … somehow I doubt these will fit on the Countach, but they look really amazing on the Murciélago.

These wheels are made from aerospace-grade forged alloy and HRE uses state of the art FEA analysis to verify each wheel made before it is hand finished to any specification the customer requests, in case of this Verde Ithaca Murciélago the owner went for a classic high gloss polish that really offsets nicely against the bright metallic green bodywork … which is far from original too you might have noticed.

This specific Murciélago was modified by LB Performance with a Liberty Walk kit consisting of a totally new front spoiler to be fitted underneath a new ‘nose’ section that resembles the limited edition LP670-4 Super Veloce version of the Murciélago.

And that’s only the start, along the side the skirts are replaced by Liberty Walk units too, while at the rear we see a new, rather deep diffuser appear on a ‘black out’ rear section supporting a rather imposing rear wing, again in style with the Super Veloce edition, but still different enough to make this car look even more special.

Add to this the extremely low suspension, probably ‘bagged’ as they call it, that will have to be raised so you can actually drive this car on the open road, this specific Lamborghini might be a bit over the top for some customers, but keep in mind every single wheel built by HRE in their Vintage Series is built-to-order for optimal performance and minimum weight … everything from offset value to width and finish can be personalized for the customer, making these wheels almost as individual as the car they will be fitted on.