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Lamborghini huracán aerodynamic kit
Huracán Aerodynamic Kit

A lot of tuners have already released aerodynamic packages for the Lamborghini Huracán, DMC has several different kits available, Mansory can deliver a complete carbon fiber Huracán if you like while Vortsteiner has two different kits listed too, their latest Novara being very impressive. Novitec hasn’t been sitting idle either, in fact their stunning Torado N-Largo kit was first mistaken for the Huracan Superleggera … and if you really want to go to extremes you can have a wide fender LB Works or Liberty Walk Huracan created by kato-san.

To this rather impressive list of exisiting tuners we can now add one more … Accessori Originali Automobili Lamborghini … that’s right, Lamborghini has entered the tuning arena themselves now with an officially type-approved aerodynamic kit for the V10 Huracán … and it is a complete kit nonetheless.

This official Huracán Aerodynamic Kit consists of a special front spoiler fin that wraps around the entire front bumper, upright fins grab into the original air intakes while on the side a pair of vertical blades guide air for improved efficiency. A set of sills fit underneath the side of the original V10, again a vertical blade is fitted ahaed of the rear wheels for improved cooling.

At the rear we encounter a special lower diffuser that once again creates a better airflow in that area, this diffuser actually increases down force due to design. Unlike the flagship Aventador, the Huracán doesn’t feature a moveable rear wing … but a fixed unit has now been added with this aero kit, sitting on clear metal uprights this rear wing also features a pair of uprights at both extremities … this way the rear wing perfectly integrates with both the side sills and the front fin.

Huracan aerodynamic kit 7

All parts are made from lightweight, but strong composite materials and are delivered in black … if they are also available in either Forged Composite or clear carbon fiber isn’t specified at the moment, but the kit has been wind tunnel tested for effeciency and safety.

Lamborghini Dallas lists this kit as an Accessori Originali Automobili Lamborghini with the following information : “A design that fully reflects the values of Automobili Lamborghini, Huracán breaks with the past and becomes visionary and pure. But Lamborghini considers the Design of its vehicles to be a starting point and not the final outcome.

The new Aerodynamic body kit combines all the technological innovation and know-how acquired in the decades-long development of limited editions. It treats your Huracán to an aggressive splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser. An original rear wing completes the kit.

Huracan aerodynamic kit 8Carefully designed down to the tiniest detail, these components will provide an assertive, exclusive look. A real show-stopper. Accurate aerodynamic analysis guarantees high performance in all conditions without neglecting safety and the driveability that’s a key strength of the Huracán range.”

The Huracán Aerodynamic kit consisting of front fin, side sills, lower rear diffuser and rear wing is rumored to be listed at €20,000 (about $23,000) without fitment, available at your local, official Lamborghini dealership.