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Another company has turned their attention to the successful Lamborghini Huracan as a base for their aerodynamic alterations and power increase, Ares Design might be a relatively new name in the world of tuners, but after taking a look at their various cars, and more specifically the bright red Huracan on this page it seems they are trying to match themselves against the likes of Mansory.

Ares Performance has a factory in Modena, Italy … but they have two main offices too, one in Vienna, Austria and a second one in Baar, Switzerland. With a London showroom in Piccadilly, another showroom in Dubai, a dealership in the United States (Platinum Motor Sport Lifestyle) and one in Japan (Auto Project D) … so they are rather serious about their setup, and it shows in the style and finish of this Huracan too.

Ares Design is currently available for the Aston Martin Rapide, the Bentley Continental GT, the Mercedes G class and S class, they even offer a ‘stretch’ Mercedes S, a Range Rover and a Rolls Royce Wraith and now also for the new Lamborghini Huracan … so they are targeting the very high end of the car market with their products.

Styling is always a matter of personal taste, and for some tuners like Mansory are just too radical, but if you still want to have your car stand out from the crowd you will have to transform it into something different, so people will notice at first sight it isn’t a factory standard car anymore … and that is where Ares Design made the right choice with their Huracan aerodynamic kit.

Instead of adding a lower fin or or some vents onto the original bumper they went for a complete replacement. The entire front bumper has been removed and a new design installed, larger air intakes up front, a set of vertical driving lights to impress other drivers on the road and a large air vent in true Superleggera style on the side of this bumper. Also note in front of the headlights this Ares Design bumper has some black sections to give a different impression … very nicely done.

On the side we see a different side sill that received a pair of vertical fins, a small one just behind the front wheel and a rather large one in front of the rear wheel … at high speed these fins will improve stability … and they look good too.

Around the back the Ares Design Huracan boasts a new bumper and lower diffuser … and in a very innovative design, even the grille below the taillights has been changed, the bumper now shows a pair of air vents on the side while the center section that holds the license plate is finished in satin black … even the massive exhausts are an in-house design by Ares … they even offer a Titanium sports exhaust system.

Ares Design didn’t install a rear wing on this show car unlike most of the other tuners out there, but they did increase power on the 610hp V10 engine by reprogramming the ECU … a nice 650hp is now available with the original exhaust installed, if you go for the optional titanium unit you’ll probably gain a few more horses …

As for wheels this red Huracan shows a set of exclusive Ares Design rims, ultra-light forged wheels at 20 inch up front and 21 inch at the rear … being a simple, five spoke design I guess some customers will want to have something more elaborate on their Huracan.

Do keep in mind the entire Ares Design body kit is made from carbon fiber, produced using the vacuum/autoclave technique at 120° C at a pressure of 3 bar … with full EU homologation and backed by a 12 month warranty by Ares.

If the exterior of the Ares Design Huracan didn’t impress you, I’m sure the interior will … I don’t think there is any part on the inside of this car that hasn’t been touched by the artisans at Ares Design, the seats received a combination of black and red leather … and a carbon fiber look upholstery, almost like the Carbon Skin material Lamborghini is using themselves. The stitching pattern on the seats has been customized too and Ares has put on their logo on the headrest.

The dashboard is upholstered in a similar combination of red and black leather, some real carbon fiber and an amazing piping that really makes a difference here … and don’t forget the steering wheel which is a work of art on itself … all hand stitched by the Ares artisans using Italian sourced Nubuk and Nappa leather.

A price for this red car has been listed in the official press release too by the way … €367,000 or £259,000 …