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Back in 2013, we published an article on the Lamborghini Aventador with Misha Designs aero kit while more recently they offered kits for the Ferrari 488 and Ferrari 458 … but now Misha Designs turned their attention back to the Raging Bull with renders of a very impressive looking body kit for the Lamborghini Huracan.

The entire Misha Designs aero kit for the Huracan is made from carbon fiber and replaces the front bumper, front fenders, front hood, side sills, intakes, rear bumper and diffuser, and naturally a brand new rear wing design … keep in mind all of these new add-ons are fixed on the original points … so you can return to a standard Huracan at any time when it comes to selling her for the new model.

When we look at the front of the Misha Designs Huracan we notice a lot of clear carbon fiber to remain visible, while the new side sills take on an innovative design … but the rear does grab your attention with a massive lower diffuser with vertical stabilization fins … and more importantly a completely new design for the quad exhaust tips, now showing the hexagon design we all recognize in the Huracan already.

Here we only see a render, but you can order this amazing looking kit from Misha Designs for delivery by May or June …