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Automobili Lamborghini SpA has been showing the new Huracan Performante during VIP events at various high profile dealers around the world, and we’ve been told the new active aerodynamics or ALA made the Performante perform beyond expectations on the famous Nürburgring in Germany:

Only a few more days until we will know which lap time this new V10 set on the track, and possibly a public unveil to show the new styling … however, an almost totally uncamouflaged Huracan Performante has been captured by photographers during road testing.

These are important times for Lamborghini, with the new, mid-life refresh of the Aventador in the form of the new Aventador S, the Huracan Performante up soon and the Urus being shown later this year … I’m certain the stress levels are rising at Sant’Agata, some very challenging opportunities lie ahead.

If the Urus is the success they need and sales reach 3,500 units per year it is almost certain there will be a fourth model in the lineup in the future, let’s hope this will become a V12 front-engined GT with a 2+2 seating, or even four seats … a nice heir to the Espada and the Estoque concept.