Huracan Torofeo by Mansory – Guide

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In mid Februari 2015 renowned tuner Mansory released press photos of their new aerodynamic package for the Lamborghini Huracán, complete with a power increase up to 838hp (from the original 610) by installing a single turbo charger, the Huracan by Mansory received some amazing clear carbon add-ons.

The aerodynamic kit looked like it was heavily inspired by the Lamborghini Avenador LP720-4 model, the special 50th Anniversary limited edition model of which only 100 were built of each model, being the Coupé and the Roadster … still it suited the Huracán very nicely, which did come complete with a black and red custom interior showcasing the Mansory workmanship in the highly detailed stitching pattern.

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So we all considered this to be the show-stopper at the upcoming Geneva Auto Show on the Mansory stand … however, only hours before the doors opened for the 2015 Geneva Auto Show Mansory unveiled an even more impressive Huracán … calling it the Torofeo, for being a Toro and taking inspiration from the Super Trofeo series (the 2015 season would see the new Huracán Super Trofeo race car on the track) … but the Mansory Huracán Torofeo might be able to outrun her race derived sibling.

Think about it … 1,000 hp at 8,250rpm from the use of two custom made Mansory turbochargers and a torque output of 1,000Nm too (electronically limited to make sure everything keeps working in the future) … acceleration figures to match with a 0 to 100 Km/h time of only 2.7 seconds and a top speed of no less than 340 Km/h … those are some really impressive figures for a V10 engine.

While Mansory calls their initial package for the Huracán the ‘Soft kit’, the Torofeo is a ‘Widebody conversion programme’ from this German based manufacturer, and the difference between the two programs is rather obvious …

In the traditional Mansory style the Torofeo bodykit is made from carbon fiber in their own autoclave, from the impressively low front bumper over the 30mm wider front fenders with integrated air vents to the nice side sills and modified rear fenders (40mm wider) with air intakes in front of the rear wheels, the massive lower rear diffuser is the final part of the standard widebody kit.

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And that’s only the beginning, there is a massive option list available from Mansory for the Huracán Torofeo … in fact a total of three different rear wing designs are possible, the blue metallic car in Geneva showed the ‘High performance wing’, a 3 part unit finished in clear carbon fiber (note they come without a top coat from Mansory so you can choose a glossy or a matte finish) … but you can also get the ‘Extreme performance wing’ or a ‘Performance wing’ … the latter being a single carbon fiber part with integrated ‘feet’.

Another option is a replacement front hood for the Huracán, once again delivered in primed carbon fiber without a clear coat, the Mansory ‘Front Bonnet’ shows a special Y-shaped design to set the Huracán apart from the factory model, clearly inspired by the Sesto Elemento limited edition lightweight model from Sant’Agata.

Once you have the carbon fiber bug you can’t resist … so Mansory also offers a cover to be fitted on top of the original roof to show a clear carbon fiber finish, add the cover and foot on the exterior rear view mirror, the carbon fiber air intake behind the side window and the look is almost complete … or you also fit carbon fiber windshield wiper arms … and some more parts of this lightweight material under the front hood and around the engine.

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Talking about that 1,000 hp turbo charged V10 … she really deserves to have the standard engine cover replaced with the beautiful Mansory unit, once again in clear carbon fiber, this new engine cover adds two intakes that peak above the roof and draw air into the engine bay, this part come standard with three glass panels, but Mansory offers three carbon fiber replacement fins as a lighter option.

Now you’ll end up with a very aggressive looking car that has power to match … so you have to get a set of those massive Mansory, forged alloy wheels in 9x20inch up front and 12.5×21 inch at the rear, Mansory recommends wrapping Michelin tires around them, in 255/30ZR20 and 325/25ZR21 respectively, installing Mansory Sport springs will lower the Huracán between 25mm and 30mm while the special Sport exhaust system will make the Torofeo sound as good as she looks.

And that’s only on the outside, we all know just what Mansory can do on the interior of these super cars, and the Huracán Torofeo is no different … a completely individual interior is the top of the line at Mansory by using exclusive leather, tailored specifically for the customer.

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But there are other, less expensive options too in the Mansory catalog … like a new steering wheel combining leather and carbon, but also available in leather/leather or leather/alcantara, and if you change the original steering wheel why not opt for carbon fiber shift paddles to match the special carbon fiber dashboard trim, dashboard pod cover, central console frame and door handles … even the hexagon air vents on top of the dashboard receive a carbon fiber finish at Mansory.

Final options for the interior are custom floor mats, special pedals and a foot rest in Mansory design and naturally a custom cover for the door sill, just so you notice you are getting into a Mansory tuned car … in fact they also offer a mat for the front luggage compartment, complete with Mansory logo … how’s that for attention to detail.

Once again Mansory created a very special car, based on the Lamborghini Huracán this time, but a masterpiece in her own … and as time would tell, they weren’t even finished with the Huracán … there was still more to come …