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Just after a select group of invited people saw the new Lamborghini Murciélago at the factory in Italy, it was time to unveil this new car to the public during the 59th edition of the famous Frankfurt Auto Show.

The new Lamborghini Murciélago was unveiled at what is known as the world’s largest Motor Show, with 800,000 visitors that could see about 57 world premieres from nearly 1100 exhibitors on a total exposition area of no less than 235,000 squares meters, the 2001 edition of the IAA in Frankfurt.

Naturally it remained covered at first, but later the people could admire both a yellow and a black metallic unit.

For the occasion, a special folder was prepared for the press, holding a series of high quality photo’s of this new model and a special CD-ROM with a stunning presentation movie featuring both cars in the Andes mountains, really impressive and very difficult to obtain.

The official Lamborghini folder for the Murciélago was also presented here according to some German fans, a stunning high gloss book which compared the new model with the seven deadly sins, I was able to obtain a copy from the factory but after the Frankfurt Auto Show several of these 56 pages booklets made it onto various auction sites and reached enormous prices, these turned into an instant collector’s item.