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The ILOC, International Lamborghini Owners Club, and the Lamborghini Club Nederland had organized a special event in Neuss, Germany, a gathering of Lamborghini owners during the weekend of May 18th to May 20th. After arriving at a local hotel on Friday, a first road trip was organized on Saturday to a nearby airfield were numerous visitors were able to get a closer look at the various Lamborghini models that were nicely parked on the tarmac.

A grand total of over thirty Lamborghinis were present, starting with a magnificent black Islero and a blue Espada going over two rare Silhouette, a custom Jalpa, a stunning all-black Countach LP500S, several QV, a series of Anniversary models and the entire Diablo range with a couple of Diablo SE30 and naturally the latest Diablo 6-Liter VT model.

Also two extremely nice Miura were on display, an orange/red Miura S one and a completely original, stunning blue metallic Miura SV. The latter was actually bought during the Seventies by the same person who still owns it right now, there hasn’t been any need to restore this car until now, it still looks as stunning as it did some thirty years ago, which only shows how meticulous the owner must have taken care of it over the years.

But this presentation wasn’t static, most of these Lamborghini’s were taken for a drive on the airstrip, some reaching speeds of way above 200 Km/h, it was very impressive to see the Miura actually being able to keep up with the much newer Countach and Diablo models.

After the presentation on the airfield of Nörvenich the ILOC had organized a very nice roadtrip through the German countryside near Düren, taking the Lamborghini’s and their drivers through some of the more interesting mountain roads and cities in this region. A very nice experience for the numerous people who showed up with their Lamborghini.

Please feel free to contact the Lamborghini Club Nederland for any information about this or other ILOC / LCN events.