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I’m sure you’ve heard of IMS Automotive Design before, their amazing looking Gallardo tuning speaks for itself by taking the most recent Superleggera style and making it even more aggressive looking with the GST front bumper that fits 2003-2008 Gallardo models, naturally a clear carbon fiber rear wing is also available from IMS … and one of my all time favorites for the earlier Gallardo … a quad tip exhaust system which really makes the original Gallardo look … and sound a lot better.

IMS Automotive Design was founded back in 2008 by Ioannis M. Stratidis after studying Industrial
Design in college to feed his passion for cars and modifying them … only five year later in 2013 IMS presents the Shadow kit … a complete tuning package for the Lamborghini flagship, the Aventador.

The IMS Aventador Shadow proudly shows a beautiful front bumper with air vents on the side similar to the Blancpain Super Trofeo race car, also the front air intakes are enlarged and the entire lower section of this bumper that completely replaces the original one for easy installation should be finished in matte black or clear carbon fiber … you could however opt to have it color coded to the rest of the V12 Bull.

On the side a new set of side sills are mounted replacing the original ones, a magnificent clear carbon fiber fin is fixed underneath similar to the one seen on the Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera … IMS even added a wider section just ahead of the rear wheels which makes the entire unit look even more like a race car derived stabilization fin. And let’s not forget the attention to detail on the side sill itself … take a closer look at the air vent just behind the front wheel … there is an opening just like on the side sills used for the Aventador J … a little detail, but it just shows how much effort went into creating the IMS Shadow kit.

At the back you’ll encounter a high rising clear carbon fiber rear wing sitting on delicate struts in true Super Veloce style … but unlike other tuners out there IMS went the extra mile and added vertical fins on the extremities of this imposing rear wing which results in a totally different impression … this is race styling for road use.

On the renders I’ve made on the IMS Aventador Shadow kit you see on this page I’ve installed the IMS Forged wheels on two of the views, naturally you can order just about any wheel out there, keep in mind IMS also offers the really great looking IMS Concave Forged wheels in 19 inch, 20 inch … 21 inch and even 22 inch … that would be the first Aventador with 21 inch up front and 22 inch at the rear, can’t wait to see that in fact.

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