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I’m sure you still remember IMSA GmbH from our article back in 2008 on their silver metallic Gallardo GTV, a car that was in fact owned by the founder of the company, in the end a lucky customer managed to convince him to sell this development model … but fear not, IMSA created many subsequent Gallardo GTV models after that.

Do keep in mind the modifications weren’t only cosmetic, the engine was modified complete with a new, bespoke exhaust system that resulted in a power output of 600hp while this also required the brakes to be updated naturally … larger diameter disks with 8 piston calipers up front and 6 piston calipers at the rear meant this Raging Bull could stop almost quicker than she accelerated.

In fact during one of the first drives on public roads they had to do a full stop which almost caused the car behind to rear end them … and that was a standard Gallardo … so stopping power on the IMSA tuned model was massively improved.

Custom made central locking wheels with double spokes cover the uprated brake system while a fully adjustable suspension and custom seats in Alcantara upholstery and lots of carbon fiber in the cockpit completed the looks of the IMSA Gallardo GTV wide body conversion.

In late 2008 Lamborghini released an evolution of the initial Gallardo 5.2 model, called the LP560-4 not only the engine output was increased from 520hp to 560hp but also the styling was changed … which caused IMSA to release an updated GTV kit to fit onto the new V10 model.

This new IMSA Gallardo LP560 GTV retained the massively wide fender additions at the front and rear together with the deep front spoiler, side skirts and lower rear diffuser … a nice rear wing completed the outside package. The massive wheels measure 9J x 20 (with 245/30 ZR20 sized tires) up front and 12,5J x 20 (with 325/25 ZR20 sized tires) at the rear and still get the central locking mechanism for that race feeling.

Power output on the Gallardo LP560 GTV was raised to a more comfortable 590hp, which is only a 30hp increase to avoid any reliability issues with this Italian made V10 engine, keep in mind we were talking about a brand new car here that was still under factory warranty when IMSA modified it.

Fast forward to late 2012 when IMSA shows a slightly modified Gallardo LP560 at the Hankook stand during the Essen Motor Show, they call her the GTV-R … the R probably refers to the more aggressive, clear carbon fiber rear wing installed on this evolution. Other updates are visible on the exterior rear view mirrors that receive a beautiful glossy carbon fiber finish, which contrasts ever so nicely with the bright white exterior of this show car and the addition of stylish carbon fiber side fins under the wide sills.

Add the gold finished central spiders on the wheels with their highly polished rim and carbon fiber lower rear diffuser and this wide body Gallardo looks really impressive … I actually wonder if IMSA GmbH is considering a similar treatment for the new Lamborghini Huracan … just imagine a wide body Huracan LP610 GTV, that would be some nice competition for LB Performance I guess.