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We already heard a rumor about a very limited production run of something called the Aventador SVR, some even mentioned this would be a track-only car that wasn’t street legal … and with the news of a change in regulation for the FIA World Endurance Championship now adding a hypercar class (that replaces the LMP) for the 2020/2021 season … it makes perfect sense.

During a recent interview at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, none other than Domenicali mentioned Lamborghini is going over the regulations put together by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest that now allows both prototypes and cars derived from regular production models to compete in the WEC, if a minimum of 20 production models are built within two years.

ACO intends to have teams using two cars over a five year period, so that would be 2020 to about 2024 … remember Lamborghini has postponed the Aventador successor by a few years … until 2023 or even 2024? Makes sense now right? Back to the hypercar, or Hyper Sports category now, ACO stipulates a minimum weight of 1,100kg and limits power output to 750hp … perfect for an Aventador based entry.

Manufacturers are allowed to add a hybrid system, but this must only add 270hp or less, while prototype hypercars can use a special design or modification of the street-legal variant, while the road-based hypercars have to stay close to the original design.

We already heard Giorgio Sanna mention entry into the 24h de LeMans back in December 2014 during an interview with Top Gear, and after six years it seems his dream might become a reality … so was the SC18 one-off a kind of trial run to create a bespoke endurance racer based on the Aventador?

It seems odd to me the SC18 was built on a specific order for a wealthy customer, but they still bring it out to the Goodwood FOS … the same place where Domenicali talks about the new hypercars class in endurance racing … isn’t that a coïncidence.

So will Lamborghini take the Aventador SVJ design one step further taking inspiration from the bespoke SC18 and add a hybrid system (the latter isn’t obligatory for the FIA by the way) or will they create a new prototype to enter the famous Le Mans race … only time will tell.