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When Stephan Winkelmann, Director and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini SpA introduced the Huracán LP610-4 Spyder at the IAA in Frankfurt back in September he concluded his press conference with the comment that the Spyder surely wasn’t the last model in the Huracán lineup … there was still much more to come.

Now we all know there is a Superleggera version somewhere down the line, but another rumor talks about a rear wheel drive version, similar to the Gallardo LP550-2 earlier. An entry level model with a little less power, devoted of some of the options from the four wheel drive counterpart and available at a lower price … several people have been talking about this new Huracán online so lets put some of the details together.

Seems like this new Huracán could be called the LP580-2, meaning it will have rear wheel drive only but with 30hp less than the LP610-4 … if we take a look at the Gallardo LP560-4 compared to the Gallardo LP550-2 weight wise, the latter was 180kg lighter than the four wheel drive version … let’s say they improved things in the Huracán and the LP580-2 is ‘only’ 100kg lighter because of the removal of the front drive … that would make a very interesting car … just imagine what the Huracán Superleggera could be.

I am sure 580hp is more than enough driving power to the rear wheels only, she might not be as easy to drive as her LP610-4 counterpart, but once you know how to control the power I’m sure this RWD V10 could be a lot more fun … still the LP610-4 has computers on board that can decide to send 100% of her power to the rear wheels too, but that still doesn’t make her a RWD model, hence the new LP580-2 does make sense from a marketing point of view.

Seems like the price for the Huracán LP580-2 could be as much as $30,000 less than the LP610-1, but that is also because some of the standard features of the four wheel drive model have been removed … it looks like the LP580-2 comes with steel disk brakes (Carbon Ceramic Brakes are an option however) and rumor has it the wheels are ‘only’ 19-inch for the RWD model, again the 20-inch wheels should be an option.

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Another very interesting point was made online … it seems the Lamborghini Huracán LP580-2 could be getting modified aerodynamics, both to the front and the rear, which would make the ‘entry level’ rear wheel drive version instantly recognizable … that could be a good thing, or a really bad thing depending on how much different Lamborghini decides to make them look, anyway I did a quick render for an LP580-2 taking some design style from the Gallardo … those rectangular air intakes do look rather nice on the Huracán LP580-2 too.

The last point that was made on most forums was the fact that if there is a Lamborghini Huracán LP580-2 around the corner, it wouldn’t take too long to get the LP580-2 Spyder version next.

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