Is this a new Lamborghini Batmobile?

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Render copyright Wanoco 4D

There have been several Batmobiles over the decades, and most of them were rather radical cars indeed, I remember having a toy model of the 1966 one used in the TV series in the Sixties, based on the 1955 Lincoln Futura with the two ‘bulbs’, I really liked that model, with the three ‘launchers’ behind the cockpit, although I also liked the one from the 1989 Batman movie too, when it comes to the various Batman movies I absolutely love the tumblers from the Dark Night movie, and while he never really had a Lamborghini Batmobile, at least not one with gadgets fitted (he did drive a Murciélago Roadster in Batman Begins and a Murciélago LP640 in The Dark Knight, remember Murciélago is Spanish for bat, so this car suits Bruce Wayne, however, he upgraded to the Aventador LP700-4 for The Dark Knight Rises), there is a Lamborghini Countach based Batmobile, but that one was only featured in a comic book, Crisis on Infinite Earths, where Jason Todd tries to steal the wheels from the Batmobile, which looks a lot like a Countach.

Batman arkham knight
the gallardo based replica of the batmobile from batman arkham knight

By 2015 we even saw the Batman Arkham Knight game on PlayStation, and someone made a replica from that specific car based on a Lamborghini Gallardo, and she looked really mean, but if we want to consider that a real ‘Batmobile’ is open for debate I guess, so what would happen if we have a real, customized Lamborghini as a base for an actual, fully-loaded with gadgets and weapons, Batmobile well it seems Wanoco 4D, a Mechanical Engineering student created a concept loosely based on the Aventador of how the next-generation Batmobile might look, combining according to the designer elements from Batman and James Bond together into one gadget-loaded supercar.

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render copyright wanoco 4d

This very aggressive looking car does have some Lamborghini Aventador styling elements, but nothing much from the original Raging Bull is left after Wanoco 4D works his, or her, magic on the outside, inside, and even the chassis (as can be seen in the video and the end of this article), but what is evident from the renders is the fact this crime-busting pursuit vehicle comes with a raised suspension, almost like the Huracán Sterrato that is rumored to be introduced later this year, which makes sense, and the bad guys don’t stick to nicely paved roads, so whoever is driving this black beast should be capable to follow them off-road too.

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render copyright wanoco 4d

From the flat paneling, it seems obvious this concept is armored, set to resist bullet impacts, and perhaps even some more aggressive weaponry too, and she’s capable of returning fire too, with a multitude of machine guns fitted beneath the armor plating, and there are some rather liberal choices when it comes to the final result, the famous upward-opening doors are gone, Wanoco 4D opted for gullwing style doors for his concept, while the engine cover is hinged at the rear, much like the one we’ve seen on the Murciélago Roadster over a decade ago.

Wanoco 4d louis yale 2
render copyright wanoco 4d

And while the design is based on the Lamborghini Aventador, the choice was made to go with a V8 engine instead of the flagship V12 unit, a rather strange decision if you ask me, but other than that, I really like the extremely aggressive style of this car, the wider wheel arches remind me of something Kato-san from LB-Works would do, and there are a lot of panels that either raise up, or open on a hinge, while there are several lights and LED to be found throughout the exterior, too bad there aren’t too many views of the interior yet, but overall this is a really nice concept for a Batmobile.

Before we take a look at several more photos of this beast, let’s view the video Wanoco 4D published:

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