Is this the Aventador LP780-4 Ultimae?

We made a render on how the new V12 from Lamborghini might look

2022 aventador s jota 1

As usual, Automobili Lamborghini SpA published a first teaser photo in their special Unica app, available to registered Lamborghini owners by chassis number only, and it already shows the first hints of what we might expect tomorrow when they officially unveil the latest Aventador evolution … and while no official information is available yet, from the teaser alone and some information gained from other sources, we’ve been able to put together an interesting set of renders and details:

2022 aventador s jota 2

It seems the new ‘timeless’ Aventador model to be unveiled within 24 hours from writing is a mix of the Aventador S and the Aventador SVJ, one source mentions Lamborghini took the performance from the limited edition Aventador SVJ and added that on top of the driving dynamics of the Aventador S, hence creating what seems to be called the Aventador Ultimae … or the ultimate Lamborghini Aventador.

Now is Lamborghini implying this is just the final evolution of the Aventador chassis before the successor takes over in 2023, or does ‘Ultimate’ in this case means the most powerful of the series, as we’ve found online this might be called the Aventador LP780-4 Ultimae, which would mean this evolution comes with 10 hp more than the Aventador SVJ … and that might not go down too easily with those that bought one of the 600 Aventador SVJ Coupe or 500 SVJ Roadster, my personal guess is this new model will not be more powerful than its SVJ sibling, but raise the 740 hp from the S to 760 hp to create an ‘S Jota’.

2022 aventador s jota 3

At first glance, the teaser image shows us the front of the Aventador S with the special side sills from the Aventador SVJ, with the lower part of the front bumper and the side sills, finished in black, while the Y shaped intake that was black on the SVJ seems to be color-coded to the body for the Aventador Ultimae, the small Tricolore is still proudly shown on the side intake, we are talking about an Italian supercar after all.

It also seems the beautiful center-lock Leirion wheels from the Aventador SVJ made their move onto this new Aventador Ultimae, I wonder if the Nireo forged wheels will be an option, perhaps the Dione or Dianthus wheels will become standard fitment on the Ultimae, who knows, the car on the teaser shot seems to be finished in white, either a satin or glossy, that can’t be determined from the low-resolution image file.

2022 aventador s jota 4

From a video published a while ago from a test car leaving the factory in Sant’Agata, we got the impression that the car was somewhat of an Aventador S but with the rear section of the Aventador SVJ, with the dual, high-mounted exhaust pipes, but without the massive rear wing, based on that video I’ve made the renders on this page, if that car was a test mule for this new Aventador Ultimae it seems this ultimate V12 flagship will not be using any active aerodynamics or ALA.

On the Aventador SVJ the ALA was incorporated into the front bumper, with the vents on top, and in the large rear wing with the center-mounted air intake on the edge of the bespoke engine cover, when looking at the teaser image for the new Aventador Ultimae, the front looks like a black painted S bumper, that didn’t have any active intakes, and there doesn’t seem to be a rear wing on the teaser image either, apart from the standard Aventador wing that rises at speed … so that leads me to believe that this car will not be more powerful than the Aventador SVJ … if we were looking at 780 hp or more, I guess there would be some kind of ALA fitted.

2022 aventador s jota 5

Will the Aventador Ultimae become a limited edition final model for the Aventador range to be built until the hybrid-powered successor is unveiled, or will this be a regular production model with no limit on production numbers, and will we see a Roadster version of the Aventador Ultimae too before the reign of the Aventador comes to an end … I’ve made a few renders of an Aventador Ultimae Roadster anyway, just because I love an open-top car like this, so I for one do hope they will also do a Roadster version of this ultimate Aventador model.

But at this moment we’ll have to wait and see what Automobili Lamborghini SpA will officially unveil tomorrow … until then, I present you some different shades and angles on how I think the Aventador Ultimae and the Aventador Ultimae Roadster might look:

2022 aventador s jota 6 2022 aventador s jota 7

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