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it has been absent for a few years, but the renowned Italia a Zandvoort event has made it’s come back in 2010 … and in force we might add.

Sadly there wasn’t an Italian car event at Assen, so the Zandvoort setup was highly anticipated, many owners and enthusiasts made there way to this world famous track once again to enjoy the magnificent cars on display and on the track, that’s right Italia a Zandvoort isn’t a static event, many of the cars (and bikes) that were gathered on Sunday took a stint on the track during one of the sessions available to the public.

We had different sessions, like classic Italians, modern Italians and exotics, naturally we enjoyed the latter one the most, but it sure does have something special to see a classic Fiat 500 together with a Countach, as the latter one is also a ‘classic’ no matter how much horsepower it actually holds.

The event naturally drew a lot of Italian cars and bikes to the Circuit Park Zandvoort, but our interest went to the Raging Bull at hand, and a very impressive collection managed to join us for a very hot Sunday close to the beach … among them classics like the aforementioned Countach but also the soon to become classic Murciélago, both in coupé and roadster shape.