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The 2013 Australian Targa Championship saw another victory for the Lamborghini Gallardo driven by Jason and John White in the latest Targa Tasmania event, the nr 934 Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale took a comfortable lead after five days of marathon racing.

With Jason behind the wheel and John White as the navigator this black and white livery 2011 spec Super Trofeo Stradale didn’t pass the checkered flag in the lead for the first time … in fact White has already won the Targa Tasmania three times before, making this his fourth victory … adding to a streak of consecutive CAMS Australian Targa Championship wins.

With only three stages left, Jason White managed to pull a lead of 1 minute 18 seconds between the Lamborghini and the Nissan GT-R driven by Steve Glenney in second place after finishing TS35 in the rally, better known as Mount Arrowsmith.

But things didn’t always go as smoothly as this for the driver and co-pilot of this amazing looking Gallardo STS, on the fourth day of this five day event they encountered a serious issue with the fuel injectors on their V10 engine, in fact a small amount of fuel was able to leak into the oil of the engine … which could cause a major engine lockup if not attended, and resolved.

Also note that after TS12 the Lamborghini was actually in second place with a 5 second gap between them and Glenney while after TS11 they were both leading the race after Jason White had a small setback in TS10, Elephant Pass … the front differential was ruined at the start of the tenth session, turning the Super Trofeo Stradale in a 2wd only car when they removed the drive shafts completely.

The same issue occurred during the Targa High Country by the way, fortunately this time the weather was working to their advantage on the Targa Tasmania … if it would be raining they surely had a serious problem without the 4wd setup. The team managed to replace the differential overnight and would finish the rally … subsequently winning the Targa Tasmania for the fourth time in a row after being in the lead at the end of the first day already.