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During the 2012 Pebble Beach event in the United States Automobili Lamborghini SpA showed two of their most recent concept cars for the first time in the US, and the response was amazing, both the Urus and the Sesto Elemento received a very warm welcome … while production of the Urus hasn’t been decided on yet the Sesto Elemento on the other hand will be built, only 20 in total and according to Lamborghini all of them are already sold … but still it shows the Raging Bull is on the right track with these beautiful designs.

Lamborghini made such an impression it was only obvious for Jay Leno, a very well-known car enthusiast with a massive collection of automotive history, to do an interview with none other than Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Automobili Lamborghini SpA and talk about the celebrations next year when the company is 50 years old, among other things.

Jay Leno also talks to Filippo Perini, lead designer at Lamborghini, about the Urus concept, a step from the exotic super cars we all know from Lamborghini and also a kind of return to the Eighties when we could admire the mastodont LM002, the V12 off road monster from Lamborghini Militaria that sold about 350 units in total, by the way the LM name will not be making a return according to Winkelmann, so this SUV will be named after a Bull anyway.

Naturally the Sesto Elemento was present too, and in this case Jay Leno talks to Maurizio Reggiani about this extremely lightweight car, that sadly isn’t street legal, but the 20 lucky owners can enjoy it on private roads and on the track naturally … let us hope not too many of these Sesto Elemento will be hidden from view in a private garage, that would really be a shame.

Let’s enjoy the interview :