Keyvany Keyrus Lamborghini Urus – Guide

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With the Lamborghini Urus being the best-selling car in 2019, taking over 50% of overall production in Sant’Agata with nearly 5,000 units delivered, it doesn’t come as a surprise we will be seeing a lot of tuners taking on the Super SUV … and Keyvany is another name to be added to the list with their impressive Keyrus – ‘No Limits’, Keyvany calls it the most impressive Urus in the world at 750 PS and 980 Nm with an acceleration of only 3.4 seconds to 100 Km/h.

If you want to add the Keyvany Keyrus to your garage, complete with 24-inch wheels, engine tuning and the entire carbon fiber aero kit we’re looking at €480,000 … that does include the factory Lamborghini Urus mind you.

Keyvany GmbH is located in Frankfurt, Germany, and was founded in 2018, but the people working here have 20 years of experience with carbon fiber and at this time have three cars on their website (, a Bentley Continental GT, a Mercedes G-Class … and this wild-looking Lamborghini Urus that has been designed in-house.

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this and many more photos of lamborghinis are available on www. Lambocars. Com

The Keyrus aero kit adds 29mm to the already wide Lamborghini Urus by installing new, carbon fiber fenders to the front and rear, a massive side sill with integrated air intakes to cool the brakes and a front and rear bumper that completely replace the factory original units … both bumpers from Keyvany are entirely made from carbon fiber and are fixed to the original factory fixtures … a very nice feature.

The rear diffuser holds a pair of carbon fiber exhaust tips, Keyvany even considered a pair of straight pipes for the Urus, which would add another 60 hp, but they deemed these a bit too loud … but it never hurts to ask them about it if you bring in your Urus to be converted.

At the rear, you’ll also find not one, but two rear wings, one at the top of the rear hatch, and another one at the bottom of the rear window, this latter one adds 13cm to the rear … naturally, all made from carbon fiber, just like the rearview mirror housings and that impressive, vented engine cover … which is 6 kg lighter compared to the factory original unit.

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this and many more photos of lamborghinis are available on www. Lambocars. Com

If you can leave the Lamborghini Urus at Keyvany for 4 to 6 weeks they can also transform the interior completely, they have an in-house shop to handle the leather and carbon fiber on the inside, while Lamborghini doesn’t offer a carbon fiber interior package yet, Keyvany does, putting carbon fiber air vents on the dashboard, carbon fiber surrounds on the central console … and even a carbon fiber shell on the back of the front seats.

Full leather floor mats for both the interior and the luggage area is also a possibility … and just look at the double Q-Citura style stitching … amazing and completely custom, all done at Keyvany, and if you really want something special … how about a starlight headliner?