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Automobili Lamborghini SpA was founded back in 1963 by the late Ferruccio Lamborghini in an attempt to build the best GT car on the market, and it must be said the 350 GT came very close to that vision, it was a comfortable, high speed, V12 Gran Turismo car, the first production model to be built at the then brand new factory in Sant’Agata … over the years many masterpieces have left the doors while the Lamborghini models evolved into some of the most exotic super cars available on the market, perhaps not the vision Ferruccio had in mind back in the Sixties, but there is no question about the fact the legendary Miura made the Lamborghini name a worldwide commodity.

After the Miura we saw cars like the Countach emerge from Sant’Agata … probably the most featured super car on bedroom posters in the Eighties, in the Nineties the Diablo took over for about a decade until the Murciélago was introduced back in 2001 … to last another decade in various evolutions … in 2011 Lamborghini made everybody open their eyes wide to see the new V12 flagship; the Aventador LP700-4 … a near revolution among Lamborghini fans, and a massive success … in less than 18 months over 1,000 units were built.

So in 2013 Automobili Lamborghini SpA will be 50 years on the high end car market, time to celebrate, and we are sure something big will be organized in and around Sant’Agata … but at the moment the official statements are still silent, there are no details yet about what is going to happen in 2013 to celebrate half a century of Raging Bulls.

We did however get a press release stating Automobili Lamborghini SpA will reveal a few details at the 2012 edition of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance during a press conference in the Quail, a motorsports gathering and the adjoining Concorso Italiano event where CEO Stephan Winkelmann will also show both the Urus and the Sesto Elemento concept cars for the first time in the United States.

For just about every anniversary before Lamborghini made a special model to celebrate, first up was the 1988 Countach 25th Anniversary edition, intended as a limited edition but with the delays in the unveil of the Diablo the 25th Anniversary Countach was built quite a lot. For 1993, the 30th anniversary Lamborghini did built something very special; the Diablo SE30, which was presented in a stunning 30th Anniversary Lavendar shade over a blue alcantara interior … only 150 were built in total, all numbered while several were converted into a Jota edition, making the Diablo SE30 a very rare, highly sought after model these days.

In 2003 the next celebration model was released, now based on the Murciélago it was called the 40th Anniversary model, a production run of only 50 units this time, all finished in a stunning Verde Artemis shade (Jade green pearl metallic) and wearing several carbon fiber finished body parts that were black on the regular Murciélago. Also inside the 40th edition was special with an absolutely stunning combination of white leather and in an asymmetrical design with the driver’s side upholstered in Grigio Syrius (dark grey) perforated leather and the passenger’s side covered in smooth black leather.

So will we be seeing a 50th Anniversary limited edition model in 2013? I’m almost certain we will, and if the past is anything to go by it will be based on the current flagship; the Aventador. We’ve seen the Aventador Jota in Geneva this year, and rumor has it the MY2013 edition of the Aventador will be shown in Paris later this year together with the production version of the Sesto Elemento, only 20 to be built and available at a staggering 2,2 Million Euro each … which leaves three other options for the 2013 Geneva Auto Show : either the Aventador Roadster, the Gallardo successor … or an Aventador Anniversario edition.

At the moment there are still delays in the delivery of the Aventador LP700-4 due to the earthquakes in Italy, so adding the Roadster onto the already backlogged production line could be a problem … so I fear we won’t be seeing the open top Aventador in Geneva. The Gallardo successor could be making a debut in Geneva, we haven’t seen any spy shots yet of the car being tested on the open road, but that only means Lamborghini is good at keeping it a secret … so I vote for an Aventador 50th Anniversary edition.

The 25th Anniversary Countach could be ordered in any color the customer wanted (even purple over a red interior ?!) while the Diablo SE30 had a special shade made for it, but you could also request a more normal shade … however the Murciélago 40th Anniversary edition was a one shade model only, no other color besides the dark green metallic was possible … so I would say the Aventador Anniversario, if any, would be a one finish model too … and I see two things happening here : either they go for the special dark red metallic shade seen on the Aventador Jota and the Urus … or they take it one step further and go for a bodywork in clear carbon finish.

Now why would I come up with a carbon fiber bodywork … in fact I’ve been asking several of the well-known model makers that release the Aventador in 1/18 if a clear carbon model is in the pipeline, one online shop even listed it … for a while. It seems Automobili Lamborghini SpA is declining every request for a license to build a carbon fiber Aventador scale model … there must be a reason for that right?

So my guess is that Automobili Lamborghini SpA has plans for an Aventador model that boasts an unpainted bodywork showing a stunning carbon fiber weave … either glossy or mat, both would be an instant hit on the current market scene … add those amazing looking wheels seen on the Aventador Jota last March and you have a nice production of these rims set up.

Just for fun I made a render in PhotoShop showing how I would get an Aventador Anniversary to look totally different from the regular model, but still not have to do a massive investment in new tooling to build it … and remember: they just opened a new building to develop prototypes … or build a small number of a limited edition model. Most likely this is the place where they will build the Sesto Elemento run of 20 units, that way there is no interference with the factory production line … and it would be just perfect to build about 50 units of a carbon fiber Aventador … they have the experience of using carbon fiber anyway.

Naturally this is all speculation, and we’ll just have to wait for an official press release to know what we will be expecting in 2013, both as celebrations and if there will be a special edition model to celebrate this important date … I for one am sure we’ll be seeing a limited edition Lamborghini model to make their 50 years get listed in the automotive history books.