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Stephan Winkelmann, CEO and president of Automobili Lamborghini SpA has already confirmed there will be a special 50th Anniversary edition model unveiled later this year, most likely at the celebration in and around Sant’Agata in May 2013.

Naturally no details have been released yet but taking into account the earlier anniversary editions from Lamborghini it is safe to state we’ll be getting a special Aventador model to celebrate ‘100 years of innovation in only 50 years’ as Mr Winkelmann puts it. Most likely we’ll be seeing an Aventador in a special 50th Anniversary shade (30th Anniversary lavender on the Diablo and Verde Artemis on the Murciélago remember) … but think about this: wouldn’t it be nice to have a full carbon fiber body on an Aventador Edizione Cinquanta?

Just in case you are seeing things this way too we’ve put together a little virtual mockup of how an Aventador might look wearing a clear carbon fiber designer suit and rolling on special center lock wheels … just to add a touch of color we’ve put an orange stripe on the doors with a small 50th Anniversary logo … and the intakes in the front bumper get a touch of Arancio Argos too … just to keep it in style with the latest Gallardo Edizione Tecnica you know.

Even with no official details available it is always nice to dream right … and to spark our visions Lamborghini just released a nice teaser movie about their 50th Anniversary:

enjoy …