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During the 2015 edition of the Geneva Auto Show the spotlights were all on the amazing looking Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce that tool center stage on the ground floor of the Lamborghini stand, but on the first floor, in the VIP section of the stand we could admire another sample of what is possible in the Ad Personam program … Automobili Lamborghini SpA’s in house personalization department … and while there are a few limits imposed by the Ad Personam director the list op possibilities does seem endless.

Last year Lamborghini showed a very nice blue metallic Aventador Roadster upstairs, complete with custom wheels and a light grey finish on parts that usually come in glossy black on the Roadster … but for the 2015 edition Lamborghini took their Ad Personam showcase one step further with an absolutely stunning matte red Roadster, a special kind of raspberry metallic shade of red called Rosso Pyra.

This time the usually black parts on the Roadster received a satin grey finish, a sort of titanium shade that combined perfectly well with the red bodywork and the glossy Forged Composite parts used on the air intakes, vents, front center section and the entire rear wing … usually I’m a big fan of clear carbon fiber, but on this car the Forged Composite looked amazing, even more so because both roof panels were finished in a high glossy Forged Composite too.

The magnificent Dione wheels received the same satin titanium finish as the windshield surround and roof sections, but no painted insets this time … the 2014 demo car had a touch of blue paint on these wheels too, different, but a little over the top perhaps.

Once you try to look beyond that amazing raspberry red paint you start to admire the interior, which in this case is totally mind blowing … a combination of light and dark grey alcantara, red stitching, high gloss Forged Composite on the dashboard and central console … topped with a nicely detailed pattern stitched on top of the door panels, the Raging Bull logo on the headrest … and a nice, triple Y-Shape on the seat back to remind us of the taillights.

This Rosso Pyro Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster was a very nice demonstrator of the possibilities available in the Ad Personam program while she was surrounded by even more options … how about a wall of different shades of leather … several tints of each shade in fact, so you can combine it just the way you like it.

Also some samples of custom wheels, special order steering wheels with a combination of shades and clear carbon fiber, custom Q-Citura stitching and personal paint mixtures applied to scale models so you can see how it reflects on the design … and even some Carbon Skin, the Lamborghini upholstery that looks like carbon fiber, but is smooth and supple like leather.

So if you really want to have a one of a kind Lamborghini to really stand out from the crowd you’ve got two options … either opt for a tuner … or go for the factory original Ad Personam program.